Nurse-Midwifery Philosophy Statement

Three Cincinnati nurse midwifery students practice their care-giving skills on an artificial patient.


Develop nurse-midwifery leaders who are empowered to generate, explore and apply nursing and midwifery knowledge for evolving health-care environments.

The faculty of the UC Nurse-Midwifery Program value and believe that:

  • All persons possess inherent dignity, worth and autonomy, that all persons have the right to seek their highest level of wellness. The health-care system is participatory and people have the right to informed consent. They must receive information about their care so they can either accept or refuse treatment or participation in health-care treatment plans.
  • Accessible, quality health care is a basic human right.
  • The physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual processes of women’s lives are an integrated whole. Pregnancy and birth are normal processes that benefit from education, holistic continuity of care, supportive interventions and non-intervention in normal processes. Nurse-midwifery care should be grounded in science and tempered by a humanistic approach.
  • Nurse-Midwifery care is centered around women and their sexual and reproductive health. A woman’s health care occurs within the context of her family and community, with respect for cultural values and personal preferences.
  • Nurse Midwives provide optimum women’s health care, functioning independently and interdependently within a multidisciplinary health-care team, using skills, knowledge, judgment and continuity of care appropriate to the patient’s needs.
  • Nurse Midwives are prepared for and will assume leadership roles as clinicians, researchers, educators and administrators in women’s health care.
  • Nurse Midwives assume responsibility for their continued nurse midwife professional growth, professional accountability and participation in nurse-midwifery education.
  • Nurse-Midwifery education, as well as practice, is a creative, responsive process, grounded on principles of the adult learner, within a program that provides a safe learning environment, encourages feminist communication and mutual respect and honors both the art and science of nurse-midwifery.
  • The ACNM Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice are guiding principles in the nurse-midwifery education program curriculum.
  • Graduates of the UC College of Nursing Nurse-Midwifery Program will be eligible for certification by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) and will be prepared for licensure in their respective states. The ACNM Standards for the Practice of Midwifery will be the guiding principles in their practice.