Careers: AAS Health Information Systems - Cancer Registry Management

April 24, 2023
June 20, 2023
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Lucrative Careers in Health Information Systems and Cancer Registry Management

Health information systems (HIS) management is the practice of acquiring, analyzing, protecting and releasing vital health information. HIS professionals ensure the completeness, accuracy and protection of patient information. They also manage access and availability of the information to a variety of professionals, including administrators, billers, insurers, legislative and accrediting bodies  (and more). HIS careers combine knowledge and skills from the disciplines of medicine, business and computer technology. HIS professionals work in a variety of settings including hospitals, rehab facilities, physician offices, mental health facilities, pharmacies, insurance firms and government agencies (among others).

Cancer registrars are data management experts who report cancer statistics for various healthcare agencies. Registrars work closely with administrators, physicians and researchers to support the development of cancer prevention and treatment, and to ensure compliance with all data and reporting standards. Cancer registrars also work in a variety of settings including insurance firms, legal firms, hospitals, cancer registries, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies (and more). Working remotely is also a rapidly growing trend for cancer registrars. Many CTRs work (remotely) for numerous hospitals throughout the U.S.