Online AA Communication Student Excited to Expand Career Horizons

Embarking on a journey to expand her career horizons, Angela found the perfect fit with the University of Cincinnati’s 100% online Associate of Arts in Communication program. Motivated by the versatility and immense potential of a communication degree, Angela chose the University of Cincinnati for its esteemed reputation, core values, and the flexibility that best suited her busy lifestyle.

Her story proves the transformative power of online education, showcasing how UC Online’s innovative approach and supportive program faculty exceeded her expectations and enabled her to thrive. Read on to discover how Angela’s online learning experience opened new doors and empowered her to pursue her passion with confidence and determination.

What motivated you to seek this degree or certificate program?

I was motivated to seek an associate degree in communication to expand my career options and opportunities. Communication is the foundation of every successful company and having this degree will demonstrate to prospective employers that I will be a real asset to the company.

Why did you select UC/UC Online over other institutions?

I selected UC online over other institutions because, even though it is online, I wanted to attend a local school. I also selected UC’s online program over other institutions because of their admirable values and ethics.

Why did you choose an online program vs. on campus?

I selected an online program vs on campus because it better suits me. I am a tad older than your usual college student (we will not get into actual ages!) and the online program allows me work around my own schedule, not the schedule of the professor or class. I am very thankful for the online program because I do not believe I would be graduating at the end of the 2024 summer semester without it!

What made you choose your current field of study? Was there a personal or professional reason?

I chose communication as my field of study because there are many doors from a career aspect that can be opened with a communication degree. Journalism was always a real passion of mine and having a degree in communication allowed me to obtain a wide array of useful knowledge like verbal, written, and interpersonal communication, team problem solving, public relations and web design.

What were your expectations of the program, and do you feel that they were met?

I’ll be honest, my expectations were downright exceeded by the online program. I was not so sure how it was going to be working with professors online, but I think I had more direct contact with professors online than I would have had in the classroom. All assignments were thoroughly explained, and the expectations were clearly laid out from day one of each semester. UC has mastered the online learning experience.

What are your thoughts on the professors of this UC Online program? How were your interactions with them?

I had great interactions with my professors. They were courteous, respectful, and really helped me understand the course material. Anytime I reached out to a professor, I received a quick response.

What were your main concern(s)/hesitation(s) about enrolling in this or any online program?

I was hesitant about enrolling in the online program because I had never taken part in online learning before. I was not sure what to expect or if I was going to be able to understand the tough subjects from an online perspective. All my hesitations stopped though after taking my first course online.

Overall, would you recommend the University of Cincinnati Online to others? Why or why not?

I would 100% recommend the University of Cincinnati online program to other people because I have done nothing but learn and grow with each course I have taken in the online program.

What would you say to someone who is considering this or any other program at UC Online?

GO FOR IT! If you are nervous to enroll in college because you waited longer than some to obtain your degree, hop into UC’s online program ASAP. I wish I had investigated the online program 10 years ago; I think I would have obtained a couple of degrees by now! I am approaching the last couple classes to obtain my degree and never thought it would be possible.

What’s Next?  

Are you interested in learning more about the University of Cincinnati’s 100% online Associate of Arts in Communication program or another program offered by UC Online? Contact one of our knowledgeable Enrollment Services Advisors today to learn how you can start your educational journey.

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