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Interested in broadening your career opportunities and expanding your career path? Whether you’re planning to go into business for yourself or looking to move forward in a managerial role, a foundation in business management can give you the critical business knowledge needed to succeed.

Already in a business role? You may gain value from expanding your understanding of business concepts. Building upon current knowledge can provide you with the toolkit necessary to perform your career responsibilities more efficiently.

Let’s dive into how a business management program can help propel your career forward.

#1—Accelerate Your Current Career Path

The curriculum in UC Online’s Associate Business Management program is designed to prepare you to fill any entry-level management position. Throughout this program, you’ll enhance and build upon some of the following skillsets:

  • Critical thinking – by boosting your critical thinking skills, you’ll learn how to think and analyze alternative solutions to a problem. This rational based thinking will help you develop stronger decision-making skills.
  • Communication – enhance your written and verbal communication skills to effectively communicate information across an organization.
  • Macroeconomics and microeconomics – understand how economic factors influence a business.
  • Accounting and finance – acquire the foundational knowledge and skills needed to prepare and analyze basic financial statements.

These skills are important in any business role. Something Debra Way, Program Director of the Associate of Business Management program, understands. Debra works to develop new courses that educate students on the latest trends in the industry.

“We use students’ feedback to prompt content changes in our programs and inform the methods and practices of how we teach,” says Debra.

The ability to alter courses based upon changes in the business world is crucial to set students up to prosper. With an ever-evolving curriculum, you’re ensured to gain skills relevant to current business roles.

#2—Be Prepared for a Career Pivot with Essential Business Skills

Marketing_Manager_explains_chartCareer transitions can be stressful and complex. To successfully pivot to the business career of your dreams, you’ll need an understanding of business skills to do the job well. An associate degree in business management can instill necessary business concepts such as strategic planning, basics in finance and marketing knowledge.

We understand a career change can be hard. That’s why we provide you with support throughout your academic journey. From the start, each student is paired with a student success coordinator and receives personalized advice throughout the program.

Planning to pivot to a new career can be stressful and earning an associate degree should be something you fit around your life. We provide the flexibility to pursue your career dreams with six start dates per year—so you can earn your degree on your time.

#3—Future-Ready Your Career (Smoothly Transition to a Bachelor’s Degree)

Grow your skills by transitioning to a bachelor’s degree after completing your associate degree. The associate business management program at UC Online smoothly transitions to the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies.

“Students sometimes find there are certain positions that require a bachelor’s degree and want to continue their studies,” says Program Director, Debra Way. “I played a role in developing our BTAS degree, so I know it can enhance students’ administrative and supervisory skills and open even more doors for them.”

You may continue your education right away to take a break between the associate degree and a bachelor’s degree. We work with your schedule to help you pursue your career dreams. Ready to broaden your career possibilities? Speak with an enrollment advisor today.

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