Curriculum: Certificate in Correctional Rehabilitation

August 01, 2022
August 22, 2022
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The Certificate in Correctional Rehabilitation takes 12 hours to complete and can be completed in 1 year.  The certificate requires two core classes (6 hours) and 6 hours of electives.

Classes available in spring, summer, and fall.

Correctional Theory and Policy

This course examines the evolution of correctionaltheory, its impact on policy, and its empirical status. An emphasis is placed on the use of evidence-based knowledge to shape correctional policy and practice.

Seminar in Correctional Rehabilitation

This course examines the theories, techniques, andpolicies of correctional treatment, with a focus on behavioral and cognitive behavioral approaches and various models of family therapy. Interventions for special populations (women offenders, substance abusers, sex offenders and the mentally ill) are also discussed. The course also examines varied models of correctional assessment, including classification, and risk andneeds assessments.

Elective: Community Corrections

Elective: Correctional Program Implementation

Elective: Correctional Case Planning

Elective: Behavioral Management System

Elective: Addressing Responsivity

Elective: Special Populations Substance Abusers

Elective: What Works: Intro to Epics

Elective: Special Populations- Female Offenders

Elective: Cognitive Behavioral Interventions

Elective: Changing Offender Behavior

Elective: Increasing Staff Effectiveness

Elective: Assessment and Classification

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