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July 31, 2021
August 23, 2021

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The certificate includes three core courses (six semester credits) and two elective courses (six semester credits).

Management of Innovation

The Management of Innovation (MGMT 7035) course is a comprehensive review of the concepts of imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The course focuses on the twelve elements of innovation and the twelve innovation competencies. The twelve innovation competencies are: innovative behaviors, thinking, problem solving, knowledge, creativity insights, culture building, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, leadership, ecosystems, and technology accelerators. The course integrates online and classroom blended learning, challenge based learning teams, student produced evidence-based research videos, and practical experience from a diverse team of guest speakers to expand open-mindedness.

Systematic Innovation Tools

This course focuses on how to create value and growth through innovation in new and existing markets. Students will learn the skills of innovation and how to apply those skills within the context of a marketing strategy framework. Students will apply innovation methods across the entire marketing management continuum including strategy, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and the 4P's. The course will be taught using interactive workshop methods and techniques throughout. Students will first experience these facilitation techniques while learning innovation.They will then learn and practice these techniques so that they can apply them routinely throughout their graduate experience and beyond.

Design Thinking for Business

This course introduces design thinking as a business problem solving approach. It overviews design thinking techniques and has hands on practice applying these to classic business challenges. It fosters creativity and teamwork in the increasingly ambiguous business world in which today's business leaders must compete.

Sales Management Strategy

In the 50s and 60s Marketing was perceived to be largely a Sales function. As Marketing permeated the way it has, in the past twenty years, the Sales function has merely become a component of Marketing. It is considered an integrative component of Marketing since it is the one that translates plans/programs into results/revenues. It converts the potential into actual. As a focal point, Sales Management is considered indispensable particularly to those who wish to develop a marketing career. Sales people benefit first, from the implementation of the marketing programs to achieve goals and, second, from the exposure to the "customer"- the market. So, therefore, experience in Sales is essential not only for better understanding the market and the various tools of marketing but also for developing a solid background necessary for climbing up the latter to the corporate executive ranks.

Design Strategy

This course provides an introduction to Design as strategic problem-setting and problem-solving activities within a service/social system levels approach. Students will explore methods of design thinking that apply to all design disciplines including integrated product development, strategy development, translational research, and other methods of design practice that apply across disciplines and be able to apply these to the identification and analysis of key problems with the creation of innovative design opportunities.

Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation" focuses on the total enterprise creation process: all the functions, activities and actions associated with perceiving, clarifying, and refining opportunities, crafting a business plan, and creating organizations to pursue your entrepreneurial objectives. This course seeks to help students develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to be effective as entrepreneurs or members of entrepreneurial teams.While our primary focus will be on independent ventures, the knowledge, skills, and capabilities gained here should be relevant to those involved in creating new ventures within the context of established corporations, public or private, although corporate venturing will not be the primary focus.

Marketing Research for Managers

Explores the role of marketing research in marketing management. Students do hands-on assignments to develop their understanding of methods for designing and implementing marketing research projects, including collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data pertinent to solving marketing problems. Developing experience in key aspects of marketing research is stressed.

Buyer Behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of human responses to products, services, and the marketing of these products and services. The topic is of critical importance to managers because the focus on the consumer is the key contribution of marketing to business practice; other business functions (e.g.,finance, accounting, production) ignore the consumer. Managers who really understand the consumer develop better products and services, and also market their products and services more effectively.

New Product Development

Students will study the process of market analysis, customer needs assessment, new product concept development, and market launch strategy.

Digital Marketing Tools

This course explores use of digital technologies as they are used for the marketing, selling, and the distribution of goods and services. New developments unfold rapidly in this arena, hence course content changes as appropriate. The goal is to develop an understanding of the opportunities and limitations of digital tools for marketing and how these tools support marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy for Managers

This course aims to develop a conceptual framework for strategic planning and introduce a handful of analytical tools. Importantly, strategy involves wrestling with knotty problems and testing solutions in a group context. Therefore, we develop descriptive familiarity and some analytical prowess around real problems and develop vital points of reference we can utilize in future, analogous circumstances. We analyze marketing cases that pivot on substantial, contemporary issues involving branding, market selection, business definition, program development and management, among others.

Study Abroad

Twelve day study tour/seminar conducted in coordination with a selected partner institution. Activities will including lectures from local experts and faculty, company and governmental agency visits, and cultural activities. Students will complete two assignments upon return to UC. The first assessment will be a cultural journal. Students will complete 8 journal entries of 2-3 pages each. The second assignment is to develop a business plan for entry into the market of the selected country.

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