How Online Degree Programs are impacting the Healthcare Workforce

There is a natural fear associated with the idea of going to an online school for a variety of reasons.  Some focus on the way a degree is perceived, while others are worried that they will not get the payoff that they are hoping for when they earn a degree from an online institution.  These fears made sense 10 years ago, but the reality is, things have changed dramatically in this short period of time.

There is an evolution that is taking place within the education space.  Online programs are no longer only designed for for-profit groups.   It took universities a long time to properly implement online programs.  Once they realized that they could engage a large group of people that are not simply trying to get in and out as quickly as possible, there became a real desire to implement online programs. As a result, this movement is accelerating: Online universities are being created by accredited institutions geared towards high-quality students and people.

Many companies have no way of knowing if someone received their degree from an on-campus or online platform.  Generally, universities will not make that distinction on an actual degree.  This benefits the student, as they might be concerned about what the diploma is going to say.  Once they realize that it will simply have the university’s name and degree that was earned, it provides students with a sense of ease that they are not going to have to overcome a stigma that might be associated with an online degree.  This is why choosing a reputable university is so important.

When accredited universities decided to bring their campus to the digital space, it opened up a new avenue for people that are working full-time, have children, or have a generally busy schedule.  By reducing the ancillary time requirements, it is quickly becoming the more efficient way to go to school.  It is no longer necessary for a high-quality employee to choose school over work.  These individuals are dedicated, hardworking, focused, and engaged within their programs.  These are the exact type of individuals that are self-motivated and can be relied upon to advance a project on their own.

This is also translating into the workforce.  These are all transferable skills that employers value.  “The best managers surround themselves with people they don’t have to manage.” Says Chris Myers of Forbes.  When a manager has a group of people that have the skills listed above, they are then in a position to do the things necessary to move an organization forward.  They know that they can rely on their team for support and eventually groom the person that shows leadership tendencies to eventually advance in their careers.

As the market within the online education space continues to evolve, more companies are going to want to find ways to connect with a pool of these high quality candidates.  The next natural progression in this process is partnering the university with the business.  By doing this, an organization can rely on a pool of top flight candidates that are self-motivated.  The business will not have to worry about the education that these people are receiving, because they will know exactly what a degree from the partnered university entails.  Ultimately enabling the business as a market leader through top flight people with the latest in cutting edge skills.

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