Master of Legal Studies

Master of Legal Studies
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The University of Cincinnati’s Master of Legal Studies Program

The University of Cincinnati’s Master of Legal Studies program is designed to grant students a working knowledge of the law that they can put to use in an industry or career that interacts with the law. This degree provides new skills and knowledge to enhance your existing skills rather than prepare you for a new career.  The MLS program may provide alternatives for individuals who do not want to attend law school but do want to increase their legal knowledge. Master of Legal Studies degree students may enter the program for a variety of reasons, such as working with legal professionals regularly, working in highly regulated industries, or are business owners that want to be able to handle more legal aspects of their business.

This fully online, asynchronous legal studies program is designed for working professionals who would benefit from a sophisticated understanding of the U.S. legal system but do not intend to practice law.  It helps professionals understand laws and regulations so they can perform better in their current and future roles.

UC Online | Master of Legal Studies Program Overview

Want to know what to expect from UC’s online Master of Legal Studies program? Hear from program director Susan Stephan, J.D., LL.M.. In this video, you’ll learn about the scope of the program and what you can expect to gain from the online MLS program.

Student Testimonials
“I wanted to increase my knowledge of the legal system and I was motivated to enroll because the Master of Legal Studies curriculum covers material that is found in nearly every profession and can provide a new perspective to my position. ”

Luke Niederhelman
Master of Legal Studies Student

“I am thoroughly impressed with the UC Master of Legal Studies program. As a UC Alumni, I knew that this program would be taught by top notch faculty but once I started the courses, I found that their credentials, background, and professional level of knowledge surpassed my expectations. Not only are they exceptionally knowledgeable, but they are also dedicated to teaching, are responsive to the students and are very approachable with questions. I feel that, as a student, I am valued and that my success is important to them.”

Hope Keller
Master of Legal Studies Student

“This degree will help me have deeper more meaningful input and discussions of managing many distinct aspects of my current role and prepare for future opportunities as well. Specifically, it will allow me to enhance my legal literacy for the purposes of engaging in contract law and employment law.”

Edreece Redmond
Master of Legal Studies Student

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