Certificate in Data-Driven Cybersecurity: MS Information Technology

July 15, 2022
August 22, 2022
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Certificate in Data-Driven Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity-Master-ITEach MSIT student is provided the opportunity to utilize their electives to also receive a graduate certificate in cybersecurity. Our curriculum is built to be focused on “data-driven” in order to give you the tools needed to analyze and fully understand the systems.

Our Cybersecurity Certificate is supported by the National Security Agency Grant and offers a $5,000 scholarship for some qualified applicants*.

As a MSIT student you are able to use 4 of your 6 elective classes to obtain your Cybersecurity certificate alongside your master’s degree. The curriculum for the Data Driven Cybersecurity Certificate is comprised of:

2 Required Core Courses:

•             IT7020   Principles of Cybersecurity

•             IT7075   Data Driven Cybersecurity

and 2 Electives below:

•             IT7021 Enterprise Network Forensics

•             IT7071 Machine Learning and Data Mining for IT


* Scholarship Applicant Requirements:

  1. You must be a US citizen
  2. You must obtain the Data Driven Cybersecurity Certificate by April 2023. Current scholarship recipients should reference their award letter for eligibility requirements.
  3. (optional) Have a clear plan of pursuing a degree from the University of Cincinnati. Priorities will be given to the students in IT/EECS/Political Science and cybersecurity related programs at UC. Ideally, you will obtain your degree before the end of 2022.


For additional questions, please contact Josh Kremer at [email protected] .

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