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Whether you are just receiving your Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) or have been working in the field for a while and exploring new avenues to advance your career, the University of Cincinnati’s Online Bachelor’s and Master’s in Respiratory Therapy provides the resources needed to achieve your dreams. The University of Cincinnati’s distinguished faculty members teach both programs and it is 100% online.

As the demand for Respiratory Therapists continues to grow, continuing education is a strong differentiator in the market. It establishes opportunities to achieve career goals and continue success in the future.

Did you know that Respiratory Therapy is a top 20 field in the health care industry?

That’s right!

And with current world trends (aging population and air quality to name a few), it’s easy to see why the demand for qualified Respiratory Therapists shows no signs of slowing down.

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In addition to being 100% online, here are a few additional benefits with choosing UC’s Respiratory Therapy program:

·         Flexibility to balance school, work, and family life.

·         The Higher Learning Commission accredits both programs.

·         Enrolled in one of the nation’s top-ranked public universities.

As well, from the moment contact is made with UC Online, you will receive individualized support to help guide you through the program. This is all to ensure that you reach your goals.

Above are just a few of the perks our students love about choosing UC Online!

So welcome to UC Online and follow the links below to learn more about the individual programs.

Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Masters of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapist provides inhaler to patientBy earning an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy (ASRT) and RRT, graduates can begin working in the health care field and start looking at the next step within their career.  By applying to the Bachelor’s of Science in Respiratory Therapy (BSRT) online program, each student will receive the same great education from the same faculty members that they would receive by attending in a traditional setting with the flexibility to achieve your goals.

This program will teach the skills required to take on a leadership role within the world of respiratory care.  By providing courses that focus on the sophistication of pulmonary each student is ready to become a qualified professional within the respiratory care field.

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Masters of Science in Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapist listens to child's breathing

There are stages to a career.  Sometimes there is a long steady progression and other times there is a quick burst in the next stage of one’s profession.  Certainly, many factors can play into this as well, such as years of experience, timing, and opportunity.  These all play an important role within the growth plan.  There is one other major factor that can have a profound influence on the progression of a vocational journey, and that is education.

Once the decision is made to go back and earn a Master’s of Science in Respiratory Therapy the journey can help set you up for a career move that you think will help position you to enter into a fulfilling role.  By reviewing the curriculum and establishing the right route, a student can go in at least three directions.  They can move into the Health Informatics field, the Health Administration field, or into Higher Education.  The technical refinement and leadership cultivation will help establish each student as a potential leader for their chosen field upon graduation.

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