Online Student Aid

Cincinnati Online students follow the same process as traditional students to apply for and receive financial aid.

All of the resources, applications and forms that students need to access their financial aid are available online, which makes it possible for students to complete the entire financial aid process without ever stepping foot on UC’s campus.

Applying for Aid

Nearly all students are eligible for some form of financial assistance. For students who are seeking federal aid, the first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at as soon after October 1 as possible of each year.

Beginning in mid-February, you can then monitor your aid process via Catalyst, the UC portal that provides students access to financial aid as well as billing and registration.

One key feature to monitor in Catalyst is your “To-Do List.” It will display any additional requirements that need to be completed before you can view or accept your financial aid award.

Students should monitor their Catalyst account on an ongoing basis.

Key Considerations as an Online Student

Although all UC students follow the same financial aid process, there are some financial aid matters that may be particularly relevant to Cincinnati Online students due to the nature of their programs. While Cincinnati Online students can consider all of the information contained within the UC Student Financial Aid web pages to be applicable, they should pay special attention to the information provided regarding enrollment eligibility and year round loan distribution.

The financial aid awards that UC offers to students assume full-time enrollment, so students who plan to attend part-time will need to be aware of how part-time enrollment affects their aid eligibility each term. Part-time enrollees should also keep in mind that they can reach their aggregate loan limit more quickly if they take their full loan eligibility but only attend part-time. All students should borrow conservatively to reduce debt after school but also to maintain eligibility throughout their college career.

Additionally, a standard financial aid award is most often based on fall-spring attendance, so students who plan to attend year-round (fall, spring and summer) will need to have their aid adjusted accordingly.

Finally, online students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study but are not located in the Greater Cincinnati area may have difficulty securing a work-study position. If you were awarded Work-Study and live outside of Cincinnati, talk to us about options.

Contact Us

The Student Financial Aid Office is committed to helping Cincinnati Online students obtain the resources they need for their education. Our dedicated staff is available to answer questions and offer assistance to ensure students are prepared and well-informed when it comes to covering their educational costs.

Students in Cincinnati Online programs who need to get in touch with the financial aid office can use the following contact information:

Bailey Bartels
Program Manager – Cincinnati Online

Mews area of Campus

Students should always finalize their enrollment heading into the term.

The financial aid for the term, if awarded, accepted, and otherwise complete as reviewed in Catalyst, will begin posting to student bills 10 days prior to the beginning of the term. Make sure you meet all eligibility requirements at that time to ensure easy application of your aid and processing of any refund monies.

At the same time, students should be careful when deciding not to continue with coursework. Withdrawing from coursework can have both immediate and long-term consequenses. It is important to understand these issues prior to dropping a course or courses for the term.