Careers: Bachelor of Radiation Science Technology

July 01, 2022
August 22, 2022
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The online Bachelor of Radiation Science Technology can help you position yourself for success in a variety of work environments. Here are some of the most common career settings for our bachelor’s degree graduates:

According to the American Hospital Association, hospitals employ more than 5.6 million workers nationwide. Hospitals are home to a lengthy list of promising job opportunities for online radiation therapy degree program graduates, including roles such as shift supervisor, chief technologist, clinical supervisor and computed tomography technologist.

Labs, Offices and Specialty Hospitals
An online degree from the University of Cincinnati can connect you with possibilities that extend far beyond general hospitals. Other potential work environments include physician’s offices, outpatient offices and government facilities such as military and VA hospitals. These settings offer qualified radiation science candidates a variety of different roles that often mirror positions you might find in a general hospital, but each within its own specialized environment.

Educational Institutions
For those who want to help shape the next generation of radiologic scientists and technologists, an online medical imaging degree can pave the way to a rewarding position as a classroom instructor, administrator, clinical coordinator, program director or faculty member. You can use your UCO education to teach emerging professionals at both schools and hospitals, sharing your wisdom to help them follow your footsteps toward success.

By the numbers

Within the health care arena, radiation science technology is universally recognized as an industry on the rise — in fact, U.S. News & World Report lists medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals among the top 15 health care jobs for employment growth.
U.S. News & World Report
Health care is the largest and fastest growing field in the United States. An online radiology degree from UC Blue Ash can give you the tools to approach leadership roles with confidence and competence.
Business Roles:

Professionals who hold a degree in medical radiation science are innovators, educators and managers in a variety of settings, including general medical and surgical hospitals, physicians’ offices, medical and diagnostic labs, outpatient imaging centers and specialty hospitals. A Bachelor of Radiation Science Technology can unlock a variety of high-level career opportunities including:

  • Shift supervisor
  • Chief technologist
  • Clinical instructor
  • Program director
  • Clinical supervisor
  • Computed tomography technologist
Great for those with experience in:
  • Healthcare administration
  • Radiology
  • Surgical procedures
  • Human resources in healthcare

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