Admission Requirements: RN to BSN Online

Admission Requirements: RN to BSN Online
27 Core nursing credits
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Admission into the University of Cincinnati’s College of Nursing RN to BSN online program is open to all students with an ADN degree and the desire to succeed in college.

Applications for the online program are reviewed in a holistic manner. Our Admissions Office is happy to work with you to answer any question you may have and help determine your eligibility. Contact an Enrollment Services Advisor or email [email protected].

  • Documented completion of an associate degree or diploma in nursing program in preparation for RN licensure
  • Recommended minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. (This is a recommended minimum, only. Applicants with a cumulative GPA lower than 2.5 are still considered for admission).
Admission Materials
  • Application Form
  • Official transcript(s) from every college or university you have attended besides the University of Cincinnati.

Application and Fees

All applicants will complete the online application for the RN to BSN online program. The application fee is waived for all RN to BSN online students through 2024.

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Official Transcripts

Official transcripts should be sent to us by your school official via email or in the mail by the posted application deadline, from every school attended showing all course work completed, including degrees granted and dates of conferral.

Please note, UC cannot accept transcripts sent directly from a student. We are also unable to accept transcripts sent via email, regardless of the sender (e.g., school official).

Transfer Credits

UC College of Nursing accepts previously completed coursework from regionally accredited institutions. To look up how courses from other institutions transfer to UC, visit the Transfer Equivalency Database.

UC’s RN to BSN online program does not require RNs to have completed certain courses before they are admitted and begin the program; however, RNs who have not completed one or more of the general education courses as part of their associate degree must complete the course(s) as part of the RN to BSN online program.

  • For a list of required general education courses, visit the Program Courses page.

Many of the general education courses are offered online at UC. In addition, UC College of Nursing maintains partnerships (articulation agreements) with regional and online institutions to provide a clear pathway for RNs to transition into our RN to BSN online program.

For a list of partner schools and equivalent general education courses, visit the Articulation Agreements page.

UC Blue Ash Students

UC Blue Ash Students must complete an application for re-admission.

If you do not have a UC M#, email [email protected].

State Regulations

Because of state boards of nursing and department of education regulations, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing is unable to accept applications for our online RN to BSN program from individuals who reside in the following states:

  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Washington


Current RN to BSN online students who have not enrolled in classes for more than three semesters must complete the readmission application.