Upskill your existing talent by partnering with a University of Record

It is no secret that high-performing organizations are comprised of a workforce ready to grow with it. Healthcare organizations are always looking for a leg up on the competition and a turnkey approach is to upskill and prepare their existing workforce for future needs.
Below are five reasons why healthcare corporations should be looking to upskill their existing talent base with an academic partner like University of Cincinnati Online:

1 – Retain high-performance talent.

A training program takes between one year (certificates) to four years (bachelor’s and master’s degrees) to complete. By offering an education benefit to your high-performance employees, an organization can ensure they retain those employees for at minimum the time while they are in school. This helps healthcare HR professionals with workforce planning and retention rates.

2 – Reduce costs of hiring highly-specialized and high-demand workers.

By training an employee that already works at your organization to meet a high demand need, the organization serves two functions. The first is retaining that employee. The second is reducing the costs of hiring, training and onboarding employees. It is much easier to source, hire and train a broad or more commonly available role than a highly specialized role. At scale, this will lower a healthcare organization’s costs significantly.

3 – Establish an efficient model for strategic sizing by cultivating a talent pool as the organization grows.

cohort-based education plan will allow your organization to grow different areas of the organization knowing that the talent will be ready when you need it. By establishing a pipeline, the company can grow without any wasted time spent recruiting – the right people with the perfect culture fit for you are ready to work and make an impact.

4 – Tuition reimbursement discounts control your costs.

Most tuition reimbursement programs are not highly beneficial to the employer because the burden of choosing the program to train with is placed on the employee. When that happens, the student will typically choose a low-cost or ‘quick completion’ program. Students are aiming to lower the cost they pay and, in the worst cases, students choose a program with no value or low value to the employer. A highly educated workforce is useless if it isn’t in the areas of need for the organization. This overall situation produces few benefits for the employer – poorly or quickly trained employees in the healthcare space create more headaches, and it is impossible to remain a world-class institution if the best talent is leaving once they earn their degree.
By choosing a premier, world-class education partner as your preferred university of record, you’ll know that your workforce is well-trained, prepared for day one and will contribute to the areas you need most. Additionally, you’ll save on costs by bundling those students together under one roof.

5 – High-performing healthcare organizations have these programs because they know it gives them a competitive edge and the best possible outcomes.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center(CCHMC), one of the top children’s hospitals in the United States, has a cohort agreement with the University of Cincinnati Online Respiratory Therapy Bachelor’s program. The agreement allows CCHMC the flexibility to increase or decrease their workforce as their hiring needs change over time. The cohort program has been in place for several years and is set to be expanded to additional in-demand programs soon.
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