Healthcare Careers You can Start in 2 Years or Less

Find a High-Paying Healthcare Job in Under 2 Years

Have you thought about working in the medical field but dread the idea of racking up thousands in student debt over several years of schooling? It’s an understandable concern, but having a desire to help people doesn’t mean you need to become a surgeon, physician, or even a nurse — the medical field has the most diverse range of job types of any industry, many of which you can qualify for with less than two years of education. Offering competitive salaries, high job satisfaction, and ample opportunities for advancement, these positions are sought after by employers in every area of the country; in fact, healthcare employment is projected to grow 16% from 2020 to 2030, adding about 2.6 million new jobs.

So — what are these jobs and how can you land one?

We’ve compiled a list of well-paying occupations in the healthcare field that you can launch with two years or less of training, and the corresponding UC Online programs that’ll take you there.

What Career Options are Available Through UC Online’s Programs?

As soon as you decide to undertake a UC Online degree or certificate you’ll begin receiving the support you need to help you achieve your goals — from enrollment through graduation. Our online healthcare programs offer the same community atmosphere that the traditional classroom experience provides, led by industry experts who understand the demands of a busy life. What’s more, with both full- and part-time options available, you can earn your degree or certificate on the schedule that works best for you.

  • The Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Systems will train you to care for patients by caring for their health information. By combining knowledge and skills from the disciplines of medicine, information management, business applications, and computer technology, you’ll learn to acquire, analyze, protect, and release electronic and paper health information to the providers and administrators who need it. While most graduates start their careers immediately after graduating, many go on to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management at UC Online while working. Common jobs and average annual salaries include:
    • Medical and health services managers: $64,515
    • Health information management consultants: $69,848
    • Health information management directors: $74,396
  • The Associate of Applied Science in Cancer Registry Management will train you in both health information systems and cancer registry. Health information specialists acquire, analyze, protect, and release vital health information while cancer registrars report cancer statistics for various healthcare agencies. Most graduates go on to sit for the Certified Tumor Registrar exam following graduation, as the National Cancer Registrar Association reports that credentialed certified tumor registrars earn over $25,000 more per year than non-credentialed cancer registrars. Common jobs and average annual salaries include:
    • Cancer registrars: $63,095
    • Data information specialists: $63,450
    • Emergency department registrars: $70,836
    • Information management specialists: $71,438
  • The Associate of Applied Business in Healthcare Management is a business-focused degree that prepares you for roles within the healthcare industry that don’t work directly with patients. Instead, you’ll learn to collaborate with medical staff leaders to help a facility or hospital department meet its goals, run more efficiently, and maintain a positive relationship with its patients and employees. While most graduates transition into healthcare careers immediately after graduating, many go on to pursue their Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies in Healthcare Leadership at UC Online while working. Common jobs and average annual salaries include:
    • Medical secretaries: $36,502
    • Medical records technicians: $44,090
    • Medical administrative specialist: $44,576
    • Medical office managers: $52,303
    • Medical billing managers: $57,583
  • The Medical Coder Certificate will train you to use industry-established codes and the latest healthcare technology to collect, organize, and report vital health information. While most graduates go on to sit for the Certified Professional Coder and Certified Coding Associate exams before finding employment in the healthcare industry, many also go on to pursue their Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Systems while working. Common jobs and average annual salaries include:
    • Medical billers: $37,522
    • Medical collectors: $37,692
    • Coding specialists: $38,316
    • Billing analysts: $49,620
  • The Physician Practice Management Certificate is a fully online, one-year program that will train you to manage small physician practices and dental offices. While graduates go on to sit for the Certified Physician Practice Manager exam before finding employment in a physician practice, they may also choose to spend an additional year pursuing their Associate of Applied Business in Healthcare Management. Common jobs and average annual salaries include:
    • Medical office manager: $52,027
    • Medical practice manager: $69,643
    • Physician practice manager: $79,897

Start Your Healthcare Career Today

The misconception that landing a medical job requires a hefty financial and time commitment may be widespread, but it isn’t true. In reality, there are a number of career options that require no more than an associate degree, or certification — all of which can be completed online and on your schedule at UC Online.

So, are you ready to learn more? Explore our online programs to discover how you can achieve your goals with a healthcare degree or certificate from the University of Cincinnati Online; or take the first step in advancing your career by beginning your application today. 

All salary data sourced from Ziprecruiter.

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