Associate of Applied Science - Cancer Registry Management

Associate of Applied Science - Cancer Registry Management
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AAS in Cancer Registry Management (AAS CRM):


  • NCRA® Accreditation: one of very few online programs accredited by the National Cancer Registrars Association®
  • 100% Online: no campus visits are required
  • Flexible Scheduling: for classes and practicum
  • Valuable Experience: professional practice facilities available throughout the U.S.
  • ODS® Exam: AAS CRM graduates will be qualified and well-prepared to sit for the Oncology Data Specialist exam.

NCRA’s Oncology Data Specialist (ODS) Credential:

The ODS® credential distinguishes cancer registry professionals by demonstrating requisite knowledge, professional competence and a high level of commitment to the profession. NCRA’s ODS credentialing program promotes excellence within the cancer registry field by:

  • Establishing industry standards for professional registry practice
  • Promoting professional development and growth through continued education and training
  • Assisting employers, allied-health professionals, and the public in the assessment of cancer registrars

Value of the ODS® Credential:

  • Recognized internationally in the recruitment and retention of cancer registry personnel
  • Validates superior competence and a high-level of commitment to the cancer registry profession
  • Credential holders will always be current in the latest technology, terminology, processes and procedures
  • Credential holders are members of all Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited Facilities Committees
  • CoC-accredited case abstracting can only be performed by credentialed registrars
  • The NCRA reports that credential holders earn over $25,000 more per year than non-credentialed registrars!*

AAS CRM Program Outcomes:

After completing UC’s 100% online NCRA-accredited AAS-CRM program, you will:

  • Have the knowledge & skills you need to excel in both health information and cancer registry management
  • Be able to verify the quality, completeness and accuracy of medical records
  • Be able to leverage technology to improve patient care and decrease health care costs
  • Be able to abstract accurate, valuable health information for vital data collection
  • Be able to manage local, state and/or national level cancer registry programs
  • Have superior organization and analysis skills – effectively leveraging data to improve patient care
  • Be qualified and well-prepared to sit for the highly sought after ODS® credential



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