Student Complaint Information

Students attempting to resolve any issues or complaints with the university should follow the university’s policies and grievance procedures contained on the Right To Know website.  Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the University Ombuds Office for possible resolution before initiating the formal grievance process.

If a grievance cannot be resolved by the university’s internal processes, Ohio residents and out of state students residing in SARA states may choose to file a written complaint with the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). The ODHE is responsible for responding to non-instructional complaints against public, independent non-profit and proprietary institutions of higher education in Ohio. Out of state students may also choose to seek the assistance of other applicable regulatory bodies or agencies in having their complaint reviewed. Contact information for each state’s higher education oversight agency is noted below.

Student Complaint Information by State and Agency

State Agency Name and Telephone Link to and/or Information about Complaint Process
Alabama Alabama Commission on Higher Education

Telephone: (334) 242-2109
Alaska Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education

Telephone: (907) 465-6741
Arizona Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education

Telephone: (602) 542-5709
Arkansas Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Telephone: (501) 371-2000
California California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Telephone: (916) 431-6959
Colorado Colorado Department of Higher Education

Telephone: (303) 862-3001
Connecticut Connecticut Office of Higher Education

Telephone: (860) 947-1800
Delaware Delaware Department of Education

Telephone: (302) 857-3388
District of Columbia District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission

Telephone: (202) 727-6436
Florida Florida Department of Education

(850) 245-0407
Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission

Telephone: (770) 414-3300
Hawaii Hawaii Post-secondary Education Authorization Program

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Telephone: (808) 586-7327
Idaho Idaho State Board of Education

Telephone: (208) 332-1587
Illinois Illinois Board of Higher Education

Telephone: (217) 557-7359
Indiana Indiana Commission on Higher Education

Telephone: (317) 232-1320
Iowa Iowa College Student Aid Commission

Telephone: (515) 725-3400
Kansas Kansas Board of Regents

Telephone: (785) 430-4240
Kentucky Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

Telephone: (502) 573-1555
Louisiana Louisiana Board of Regents

Maine Maine Department of Education

Telephone: (207) 624-6846
Maryland Maryland Higher Education Commission
Telephone: (410) 767-3297

Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

Telephone: (617) 994-6950
Michigan Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs


(517) 373-1140
or toll free (877) 765-8388
Minnesota Minnesota Office of Higher Education

(651) 259-3975 or 1-800-657-3866
Mississippi Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation

Telephone: (601) 432-6372
Missouri Missouri Department of Higher Education

Telephone: (573) 526-1577
Montana Montana University System, Montana Board of Regents

Telephone: (406) 444-6570
Nebraska Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Telephone: (402) 471-4825
Nevada Nevada System of Higher Education

Telephone: (702) 486-7330
New Hampshire New Hampshire Department of Education

Telephone: (603) 271-3494
New Jersey New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education

Telephone: (609) 292-4310
New Mexico New Mexico Higher Education Department

Telephone: (505) 476-8400
New York New York Office of College and University Evaluation

Telephone: (518) 474-2593
North Carolina The University of North Carolina Board of Governors

Telephone: (919) 962-4550
North Dakota North Dakota University System

Telephone: (701) 328-2960
Ohio Ohio Department of Higher Education

Telephone: (614) 728-3095
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Telephone: (405) 255-9100
Oregon Oregon Office of Degree Authorization

Telephone: (503) 947-5716
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Higher


Telephone: (717) 783-8228
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Council on Education

Telephone: (787) 641-7100
Rhode Island Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education

Telephone: (401) 456-6008
South Carolina South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Telephone: (803) 737-2260
South Dakota South Dakota Secretary of State

Telephone: (605) 773-3455
Tennessee Tennessee Higher Education Commission

Telephone: (615) 741-5293

Texas Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Telephone: (512) 427-6101
Utah Utah Division of Consumer Protection

Telephone: (801) 530-6601
Vermont Vermont State Board of Education

Telephone: (802) 479-1030
Virginia State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Telephone: (804) 371-2285
Washington Washington Student Achievement Council

Telephone: (360) 753-7800

Students may submit a formal complaint to the Washington Student Achievement Council, provided it is against an institution authorized by the Washington Student Achievement Council and is within one year of the last date of attendance. For more information, please contact the Washington Student Achievement Council at 360‐753‐7800.
West Virginia West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

Telephone: (304) 558-4016
Wisconsin Wisconsin Distance Learning Authorization Board

Telephone: (608) 266-1996
Wyoming Wyoming Department of Education

Telephone: (307) 777-6210