Curriculum: Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies

March 15, 2022
May 09, 2022
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With UC Online’s Associate of Individualized Studies in Interdisciplinary studies program, all of your coursework is completed online. Our students are given the necessary skills to be successful immediately upon entering into their professional careers.

  • Open to any student who wishes to design an individualized degree program using a combination of courses
  • The student may focus on designing a curriculum (with a Faculty Advisor) that allows for employment or continuation into selected four-year degree programs. The core goal is to design an associate degree pathway that meets the students predetermined goals.

Curriculum Guide:

All students participating in the associate of interdisciplinary studies program must take the following:

Note: Students can transfer up to 40 applicable credits, which may result in some of the courses listed below not being required.

Foundation Courses – 3 credits (Must be taken in your first semester)

·        MLTI-1036 Academic & Career Decisions (2 credits)

·        FIN 1001 – Financial Success (1 credit)

General Education – 18 credits

·        ENG 1001 – English Composition – 3 Credits

·        MATH/STAT – 3 Credits

·        Natural Science – 3 credits

·        Social Science – 3 credits

·        Fine Arts – 3 credits

·        ENG 2089 or ENG 3071 – 3 credits

Interdisciplinary Career Objective Clusters – 36 credits

*Students may choose to concentrate in two or three different disciplines. These disciplines are your clusters. You may choose the 2-cluster option or the 3-cluster option.

·        2-cluster option = 18 credits each of a particular discipline

·        3-cluster option = 12 credits each of a particular discipline

For example: Disciplines to choose from are Healthcare, Information Technology, Business Management Technology, Marketing Technology, Finance Technology, Accounting, Business Information Technology, Legal Studies, Supply Chain Management

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Introduction to Financial Success

Successful money management is paramount to creating a life with less financial stress and a life with more purpose and meaning. Jumpstart your life goals and dreams by learning how to save, manage, spend and invest money differently.

Social Sciences (SS) elective

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