Curriculum: Associate of Individualized Study in Interdisciplinary Studies

Curriculum: Associate of Individualized Study in Interdisciplinary Studies
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All coursework for UC’s Associate of Individualized Study in Interdisciplinary Studies program is completed online and asynchronously, meaning you log on when it’s convenient for you. Many foundation classes are taught in 7-week courses, designed with adult learners in mind.

The program is open to any student who wishes to design an individualized degree program using a combination of courses. The student may focus on designing a curriculum alongside a faculty advisor that allows for employment or continuation into a selected four-year degree program. The core goal is to design an associate degree pathway that meets your predetermined goals.

Course Title / Description Credit
Academic and Career Decisions Seminar
Course: MLTI1036
Credit: 2
This course is required for students seeking admission into the Individualized Studies degree program and will provide students the opportunity to design an academic plan that is flexible and individualized. The course will introduce students to the University of Cincinnati’s resources and policies and the requirements for the Individualized Studies Program. Students will engage in activities related to self-awareness, decision-making, career/major exploration and the integration of these into an academic major and career pathway. Students will identify occupations and fields of study compatible with their background and goals. Working with the instructor, students will develop an appropriate educational pathway based on their background, needs and goals.
Introduction to Financial Success
Course: FIN1001
Credit: 1
Successful money management is paramount to creating a life with less financial stress and a life with more purpose and meaning. Jumpstart your life goals and dreams by learning how to save, manage, spend and invest money differently.
Business Communication
Course: COMM2081
Credit: 3
This course introduces foundational business communication principles and practices. Students will learn to analyze different communication situations; to plan and design oral and written communications; to communicate effectively using appropriate formats, styles, and technologies; and to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to achieve desired communication objectives.
Academic and Career Decisions Capstone
Course: MLTI2060
Credit: 3
The Academic and Career Capstone is a culminating and reflective experience focused on what the student has learned in their program. This course is required for students completing the Interdisciplinary degree program. This course will incorporate the integration of classroom learning from the selected cluster areas. The course requires the student to apply interdisciplinary concepts to their selected cluster areas of interest.
English Composition
Course: ENGL1001
Credit: 3
English Composition 1001 is a writing-centered course that emphasizes the careful reading, analytical thinking, and persuasive strategies inherent in researching and writing within an academic community. Students learn that rhetorical knowledge is the basis of composing while learning to write with purpose, audience, context, and conventions in mind. Students develop rigorous academic research practices: how to locate and evaluate primary and secondary sources relevant to their line of inquiry and position their own ideas in conversation with public writing. Students also engage in regular self-reflection: articulating what they know, what they can do, and how to apply their knowledge and skills in various contexts.
Mathematics or Statistics Elective
Credit: 3

Student will select a college-level Mathematics or Statistics course to satisfy program requirements.

Natural Science Elective
Course: BoK: NS
Credit: 3

Student will select a Natural Science elective.

Social Science Elective
Course: BoK: SS
Credit: 3

Student will select a Social Science elective.

Career Objective Coursework
Credit: 36

Students will complete 36 hours of college-level coursework identified as part of their customized academic plan. Students may satisfy this requirement by identifying clusters of coursework from two or more disciplines around a central theme. Please speak with Academic Advisor prior to enrolling in this program to create an customized academic plan.

ENGL2089 or ENGL3071
Sophomore Writing Elective
Course: ENGL2089 or ENGL3071
Credit: 3

Students will select one of the following Sophomore Writing Electives: ENGL2089 Intermediate Composition or ENGL3071 Technical Writing

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