Curriculum: Information Technology Graduate Certificate

Curriculum: Information Technology Graduate Certificate
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Our curriculum for the IT Bridge Certificate is intended to prepare you with the base knowledge to begin your career in IT or get started on your Master’s in IT. If you are looking to transition to the field of IT, this course sequence will ensure you have the skills necessary to succeed in the MS IT program. Students should check their official offer letter to see which if any, bridge courses are required.  Bridge courses must be completed with a B or above before beginning MS IT coursework.  Bridge courses do not count towards the MS IT 30-hour requirement. Learn more about the MS IT curriculum. 

Course Title / Description Credit
Information Security and Assurance
Course: IT6035C
Credit: 3
An introduction to the various technical and administrative aspects of information security and assurance. This course provides the foundation for understanding the key issues associated with protecting information assets, determining the levels of protection and response to security incidents, and designing a consistent, reasonable information security system, with appropriate intrusion detection and reporting features.
Database Management with SQL Server
Course: IT6060C
Credit: 3
This is an introductory course to the technology of database design and implementation. Topics include, but are not limited to relational database design and implementation, query formulation with Structured Query Language, application development, etc. Enterprise database management system will be used.
System Administration
Course: IT6081C
Credit: 3
This course will provide the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to manage a Local Area Network and its resources. Topics covered include directory services, server management, file and print services, and user/client administration in a heterogeneous operating system environment. Students will set up and manage a fully functioning computer network of systems. Hands-on active learning required.
Computer Programming with Java
Course: IT6090C
Credit: 3
This course introduces students to object-oriented computer programming and problem solving. Students will learn about the basic elements of a computer program such as data types, basic control structures, graphical user interface, event-driven programming, and program debugging. Hands-on active learning required.
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