Curriculum: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Endorsement

Curriculum: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Endorsement
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Curriculum at a Glance

For the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Endorsement program online, students will complete 15 credit hours focusing on linguistics and TESOL methods. Specialized practica further provide students with critical hands-on instructional experiences necessary to be competitive in the job market.  The University of Cincinnati’s Literacy and Second Language Studies faculty are well-trained in distance learning pedagogies.

Course Title / Description Credit
LSLS 7053
Foundations of First and Second Language Learning
Course: LSLS 7053
Credit: 3
This course introduces students to foundational knowlege in first and second language learning. Specific topics include major theoretical paradigms and constructs that affect learning.
LSLS 7060
Applied Linguistics
Course: LSLS 7060
Credit: 3
Focused on theoretical perspectives, major issues,and current controversies, this course is designedto facilitate the student's knowledge and understanding of the linguistic structure as a holistic system. This course examines the English language as a second language on the basis of current theory, research, and practice. It covers a detailed analysis of the sound system of American English as well as morphology, syntax, and semantics through in-depth discussions of instructional issues.
LSLS 7069
PreK-12 Methods of TESOL
Course: LSLS 7069
Credit: 3
This course is designed to explore classroom strategies, instructional procedures, and pedagogical applications for ESL students in conjunction with research/evidence-based principles and second language teaching and learning. Each teaching strategy will be addressed from a theoretical perspective, and will exemplify the ideas to be used in practical classroom settings.
LSLS 7070
Evaluation and Assessment for K-12 TESOL
Course: LSLS 7070
Credit: 3
This course is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills to effectively assess and evaluate limited English proficient students' performance in English. It addresses current trends in assessment, cultural and linguistic issues and biases in measurement, understanding of concepts in assessment as well as formative and summative assessments. It also discusses a way to evaluate curriculum and materials within a framework for determining the effectiveness and appropriate uses for evaluations and assessments, including norm-referenced, curriculum-based, performance-based, and alternative assessments.
LSLS 7078
Practicum in TESOL
Course: LSLS 7078
Credit: 3
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