Faculty: MS in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership

July 25, 2022
August 22, 2022
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Community Learn From Nationally Renowned Faculty

Mark Adams
Instructor - Adjunct
Brenda Barnes
Instructor - Adjunct Clinical
Katrina Beckett
Instructor - Adjunct
James Boex
Instructor - Adjunct
Nancy Colletti
Professor Educator
Adrienne Davis Zapfe
Andala Khan
William Kirkwood
Instructor - Adjunct
Thomas Leemhuis
Associate Professor of Clinical-Affiliate
Richard Lyons
Instructor - Adjunct
joel mortensen
Professor of Clinical-Affiliate
Rebecca Ramirez
Instructor - Adjunct
Brendon Sato
Instructor - Adjunct
Patricia Tille
Professor Educator
Victoria Wangia-Anderson
Professor Educator
Debra Zevallos

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