Careers: Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies

July 01, 2023
August 21, 2023
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The Bachelor’s in Professional Studies is unique in its ability to flex to meet the needs of the market. There are several fields that this program’s curriculum covers that can be easily applied to the workforce.

Competency Areas:
  • Self-Management and Human Relations
  • Fostering Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
  • Complex Problem-Solving and Decision Making in Groups
  • Data Literacy in Professional Contexts
  • Effective Professional Communication

These competencies cover a breadth of potential career paths, all of which are forecasted to grow over the next 10 years. Since this program covers such a wide array of courses, there’s really no limit.

Popular Career Paths:
  • Client Support & Sales
  • Account Management
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Reporter
  • Market Research
  • Event Planning


In a 2017 report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that workers with at least a bachelor’s degree earned close to $1000 more every week compared to those with a high school diploma. An online Bachelor of Professional Studies through UC Online is a highly applicable certificate to earn more as your career evolves.