Bachelor of Science in Substance Abuse Counseling Online

A female Cincinnati substance abuse counseling student listens during a class activity.

Complete your online Bachelor of Science in Substance Abuse Counseling and join the team treating America’s most neglected disease. Bachelor of science students train to become qualified clinicians through a program grounded in current research and proven practice in the Substance Abuse Counseling field. Enroll in this online bachelor of science program to learn how to apply your compassion, patience and problem-solving skills to combat the addictions hurting lives, families and communities.


Substance Abuse Counselors help people through recovery, support, and on the road towards a brighter tomorrow.


The online degree in substance abuse counseling prepares students for careers as substance abuse counselors and in related professions. Students attend online courses taught by nationally recognized faculty exploring cutting-edge research and experienced practitioners in a range of drug and alcohol treatment settings.

Upon completion, students will have met academic requirements for Ohio licensure and national certification. Graduates are well equipped to serve a diverse range of clientele in clinical, prevention and administrative roles. 


Program Overview

If you are a full-time student entering the program as a freshman, it will take four years to complete. Some students will reduce this time by taking courses during the summer or taking more than five courses per term (15 credit hours).

The Substance Abuse Counseling Program is designed to be transfer-friendly, allowing for many with two-year associate degrees to easily transition into the bachelor's degree program. 


Quick Facts

  • 100% online curriculum.
  • Flexible and student-centered options.
  • High-demand profession.
  • Help combat the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths in the U.S.
  • Make a real difference in your community.
  • Prepare for a challenging and satisfying career.
  • Upon completion of our program, students will have met academic requirements for licensure under the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Guidelines licensed chemical dependency counselor II and III (LCDCII and LCDC III). If you reside outside of Ohio, please contact your state board for licensing requirements.

Next Start Date

August 21


Application Deadline

July 1


Credit Hours


Graduation Cap

Est. Time to Complete

2-4 Years