Master of Science in Marketing

Master of Science in Marketing
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The Master of Science in Marketing online program at the University of Cincinnati provides students with an innovative and forward-thinking program that is grounded in the latest marketing practices and theories. The program is designed to give students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in marketing careers in a variety of industries.

The online master of marketing program at UC is structured to help students become industry-ready marketing professionals without an in-person requirement. The curriculum is taught by experienced marketing professionals and built on four foundations of marketing that will propel your career in the direction you choose: MS Marketing Four Foundations Graphic


Consumer Psychology & Strategy: Delve into human emotions, decision-making processes, and buyer journeys. Craft compelling messages and position your brand for success.

Planning & Design: Build strategic digital content that resonates with your audience. Guide buyers through the purchasing funnel and collaborate with sales teams seamlessly.

Build & Execution: Leverage the power of digital platforms to distribute your content and spark engaging conversations. Analyze buyer behavior to optimize your marketing efforts.

Analytics: Cultivate data-driven decision-making skills. Integrate analytics with sales processes and assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.



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With a majority of credit hours dedicated to elective opportunities (18 credits), you have the flexibility to design your experience with courses that align with your career aspirations. The curriculum is also designed to give students the ability to analyze marketing data, to develop and implement marketing plans, and to understand the complexities of the global marketing environment.

  • The marketing degree is delivered in an on-campus and online format, with courses taught by the same world-renowned faculty.
  • The program is 32 credit hours and can be completed in 1-2 years.
  • Coursework includes marketing research, consumer behavior, marketing management, marketing analytics, international marketing, and marketing strategy.
  • The capstone course integrates all the marketing concepts learned in the program with a real-world client’s needs.

The program also offers several opportunities for students to gain real-world experience, including during the final capstone course. The UC Marketing Department has partnerships with local and international businesses and organizations, and students can maximize their degree with one of our graduate certificates in marketing or digital marketing.

Why Cincinnati’s Masters in Marketing program?

The University of Cincinnati has one of the most highly regarded Masters in Marketing programs in the country. Our world-renowned faculty rank in the top ten for publications in consumer psychology journals.

Additionally, the Lindner College of Business is accredited by the AACSB and has been recognized as one of the best business schools in the country by The Princeton Review.


Is a Master’s Degree in Marketing Worth It? 

Considering taking the next step in your marketing journey? A Master of Science in Marketing unlocks exciting possibilities in this dynamic field. Our program equips you with specialized knowledge beyond the basics, delving into intricate concepts and cutting-edge strategies. Master essential areas like consumer behavior, digital marketing, and branding, gaining the ability to craft compelling messages, analyze data strategically, and build impactful brands. This expertise positions you as a highly sought-after candidate in a market demanding advanced qualifications. Imagine pursuing senior-level roles, exploring diverse industries, and expanding your network with industry professionals – all within reach with our program.

There is also an opportunity to maximize your degree with our Digital Marketing Graduate Certificate to help you standout in a competitive field. Plus, all credits taken as part of this certificate may be subsequently applied toward your Master of Science in Marketing, Master of Business Administration, or other specialized master’s degrees at the Lindner College of Business.


Real-World Experience: The Capstone Project Advantage

Our program culminates in a unique capstone project experience, setting you apart from the crowd:

  • Client-Driven Projects: Work on real-world marketing problems faced by actual organizations (for-profit and non-profit).
  • Choose Your Interest: Select a project aligned with your specific aspirations and interests.
  • Five Months of Immersion: Gain invaluable hands-on experience over five months, tackling challenges and delivering solutions.
  • Scope Variety: Address diverse marketing issues, from branding and market research to CRM implementation and new product development.
  • Win-Win Situation: Contribute valuable solutions to client organizations while gaining crucial real-world learning.

Read more about why a master’s degree in marketing can be a worthwhile investment in our article MS Marketing Degree – Is It Worth It?

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