Our Vision

We deliver a world-class experience for students seeking online flexibility and University of Cincinnati academic excellence.

University of Cincinnati Online enables students to get a University of Cincinnati degree online.

We are here at every step for the student and are fully integrated into the University of Cincinnati. We work hard to ensure that prospective students become students and eventually University of Cincinnati graduates.

We are sure you can agree with us when we say that education is important. However, it’s not always easily accessible, especially for working professionals.

Well, until now.

Committed to Inclusivity

Since day one, the University of Cincinnati Online has made it a mission to provide an environment that is all-inclusive (27% first generation college students), specialized (multiple start dates for each program), and resourceful for those looking to grow in their careers.

UC Online is designed to meet working professionals’ need for flexibility.


And, just because the curriculum is online doesn’t mean you’ll receive a subpar learning experience. In fact, as many other students have found, by trusting the University of Cincinnati online, you are putting your future in a top-ranked program.

Connect with Faculty and Alumni

Joining UC Online connects you with nationally recognized faculty and staff along with a community of students and alumni. All the coursework and curriculum is tailored towards helping you build the skills, tools, and resources needed for a bright future, without having to give up one of your many other important responsibilities.

Before getting started, be sure to check out what our graduates have to say…

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