Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies

July 01, 2022
August 22, 2022
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The University of Cincinnati Online now offers an Associate of Individualized Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. This program allows you to create your own major (an educational pathway with multiple fields of study). The online AIS program is credit transfer friendly, affordable, and provides the flexibility needed to apply previously earned credits towards a degree pathway individually designed by the student and advisor.  Let us help you complete the next step towards reaching your goals while still balancing other life responsibilities!

What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

The online Associate of Individualized Study in Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to tailor their studies to specific educational needs. This presents an excellent opportunity to use previously earned college credits towards pursuing an online associate degree. The curriculum is determined by the student through participation in the academic and careers decisions seminar. While completing the seminar course, students work with a faculty advisor to integrate prior earned credits and plan new coursework covering two or more specialty concentration areas.

What makes this online program so special?

  • Rather than being forced to follow a prescribed curriculum, students work with a faculty advisor to create an educational pathway that fits their unique history and career plan.
  • It is a very flexible degree option for students who have completed college credits in multiple disciplines or at various institutions but do not have enough credit in a single program area for an associate degree.
  • It provides the flexibility of finishing your degree online while still balancing work, family, and other life responsibilities.
  • Students are able to transfer up to forty (40) credit hours into the program. Note: A minimum of twenty (20) credit hours must be from the University of Cincinnati.

What is next? 

Based on information found on US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Not only will Associate in Interdisciplinary Studies degree improve your chances of landing a job with higher pay, it will also put you in a position to continue your education. Upon the completion of the AIS degree you can seamlessly transition to either our fully online Bachelor’s of Technical and Applied Studies and The Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies  which is offered through the College of Arts and Science (not a fully online program).


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