Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
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What is Health Sciences?

At its most basic level, Health Sciences is the study of all the ways in which you can deliver and improve healthcare. However, it goes deeper than that – utilizing scientific research and practical application to improve population health through a wide array of specialties related to the delivery of health care.

UC’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program provides students with an in-depth science background to prepare them for the opportunity through further studies to work in fields such as physical therapy, medicine, dentistry, exercise science, occupational therapy, public health, health administration, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, and medical dietetics.

What to Expect From University of Cincinnati 

Rigorous coursework: Dive deep into anatomy, physiology, public health, and more, building a solid foundation for graduate studies.

Faculty expertise: Learn from passionate instructors and mentors with real-world healthcare experience.

Specialization prep: Explore your interests with electives focused on areas like public health policy, health administration, or pre-professional tracks for medicine, nursing, and beyond.

*UC’s Pre-Professional Advising team is another resource for students to prepare for a career in healthcare: Learn More

Graduate school readiness: Sharpen your research and writing skills through a capstone project, preparing you for the graduate school application process.

Program Offerings
  • 100% online
  • Financial aid available
  • Graduate in 2-4 years
  • Designed for full- or part-time students
  • Start dates in spring, summer, and fall

Read more about financial aid and scholarship opportunities for our online students in our blog breaking down the health sciences degree costs.


Who is a Bachelors in Health Science Ideal For?


Associate degree holders 

This program is designed for those with an existing associate degree in an allied health field, such as nursing, physical therapy assisting, or medical assisting. By completing a bachelor’s degree, you’ll gain a broader knowledge base and potentially qualify for new job opportunities or higher positions within your current field. This can also lead to increased earning potential and career advancement.

This path allows you to contribute to the healthcare system through leadership and management roles. Your bachelor’s degree provides a solid foundation for:

  • Healthcare facility manager: Overseeing the daily operations of hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities, with a median salary of $98,350.
  • Health services manager: Managing specific healthcare services like surgery centers or emergency departments, earning a median of $99,730.
  • Practice administrator: Responsible for administrative duties in medical practices, with a median salary of $98,010.

Graduate program hopefuls 

This program is ideal if you’re aiming to pursue a graduate degree in a specific healthcare field like physical therapy, medicine, or public health. The coursework provides a strong academic foundation in health sciences, preparing you for the rigors of graduate studies.

While this degree doesn’t qualify you for direct patient care roles like physicians or registered nurses, it can serve as a strong foundation for further specialized education. After graduation, you can pursue:

  • Master’s in Nursing (MSN): Licensed registered nurses (RNs) earn a median annual wage of $77,600. An MSN can open doors to advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) roles like nurse practitioners (NPs) with a median salary of $118,040 or certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) earning a median of $181,040.
  • Physician Assistant (PA) studies: PAs work under the supervision of physicians and perform various medical tasks, earning a median annual salary of $129,300.
  • Occupational therapy (OT) or physical therapy (PT) programs: These programs prepare you to help individuals regain or improve physical and functional abilities, with OTs making a median of $89,440 and PTs earning a median of $91,010.

Student Stories

Meet Sam Huber, a Clinical Medical Assistant who completed his associate degree through the BSHS program to advance his career.

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Meet Tori Hall, a Physical Therapy Assistant who came to UC Online to complete her associate degree and go on to become a Physical Therapist.

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More Than Just a Degree

Gain a competitive edge for admission to top graduate programs:
  • Develop a solid academic foundation: Our expansive curriculum and diverse coursework equip you with the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in competitive graduate programs like public health, nursing, occupational therapy, and more.
  • Master research skills: Gain hands-on experience through research projects and opportunities, learning to critically analyze data, formulate research questions, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare knowledge.
Open doors to high-demand, high-impact careers:
  • Specialize in your chosen field: Our program provides a solid foundation for further specialization, preparing you for diverse career paths in healthcare leadership, research, policy, and clinical practice.
  • Develop essential leadership skills: Hone your communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills, preparing you to take on leadership roles and navigate complex healthcare environments.
Make a real difference in population health:
  • Become an advocate for change: Learn about the social determinants of health and develop the skills to advocate for evidence-based practices and innovative solutions to improve population health outcomes.
  • Contribute to impactful research: Our focus on research prepares you to contribute to the advancement of healthcare knowledge, leading to real-world improvements in patient care and public health.
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There is a 15% projected job growth from 2019 to 2029 for health care occupations.
Bureau of Labor Statistics

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