Graduate Certificate in Analysis of Criminal Behavior

Graduate Certificate in Analysis of Criminal Behavior
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University of Cincinnati’s online Analysis of Criminal Behavior graduate certificate focuses on the various types of criminal offenders and methods of criminal offending.

By enrolling in this certificate program, you will deepen your understanding of the bio-social factors that impact criminal offending and decision-making. It will also provide you with an in-depth grasp of specialized forms of criminal behavior.

What can you do with a Graduate Certificate in Analysis of Criminal Behavior?

With this certificate, you will have the opportunity to secure employment in a variety of areas. These range from government sectors, private and not-for-profit organizations or any other type of institution that focuses on specific areas of crime.

Who is this certificate intended for?

The Graduate Certificate in Analysis of Criminal Behavior is useful for those in the criminal justice field. This is due to the wide scope of applications for this type of expertise and variety of advancement opportunities that may be available with this skill set.

Top-Ranked Program

Our online Master’s in Criminal Justice program is ranked 12th best in the country for 2024 by U.S. News & World Report.

Program Objectives

By graduation, students will be prepared for what’s next. Below are the student learning objectives for this certificate.

  • Students will identify and explain major individual and aggregate level criminological theories.
  • Students will identify and critically analyze the respective strengths and weaknesses of major criminological theories.
  • Students will identify the distinguishing characteristics of certain crime types (cybercrime, white collar crime), offenders (serious and life-course-persistent offenders), and victims.
  • Students will analyze data on different types of criminal offending and make cogent presentations of those analyses.
  • Students will describe and evaluate efforts to prevent various types of criminal offending.


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