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Master’s in Sport Administration

“I joined the University of Cincinnati’s Sport Administration online program for my graduate degree and it was one of the best decision I’ve made. UC professors were incredibly helpful not only with the online courses but also in searching for jobs post-graduation. I feel comfortable reaching out to them any day asking for advice or assistance. That can’t be said for my previous school. UC gave me the necessary skills needed to succeed in the world of sport.“

– Mark K.



Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

“I selected the University of Cincinnati because I heard very good feedback from professionals I work with and those who have completed clinical practice at my clinic. I’ve been happy with my choice to attend UC from the start of the program. I knew it was not going to be easy, but I will be well-prepared to assume the role of a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.”

– July C.


July C.


Rachel R. | MS in Sport Administration

“The University of Cincinnati Sport Administration online program has given me all of the tools I need to move onto the next step in my career. The courses provide in-depth insight to numerous sport-related topics that are used in every sport administration position. The professors are extremely helpful, and understanding and are experts in their areas. I was able to apply everything I learned within my current position as an assistant athletic director, and I will continue to carry it with me in all of my future career endeavors. I’m proud to be a Bearcat!”

Eric G. | MS in Sport Administration

“I felt that I was so lucky to be in the Sport Administration Masters Program at the University of Cincinnati because my professors were truly invested in helping me reach the next level of my career in the sports industry. Even though I took all of my classes online, my professors were willing to meet with me in person or even talk to me over the phone which was extremely helpful. My coursework helped prepare me for the current state of intercollegiate athletics and it also allowed me to learn more about the importance of other roles in the industry.”

Sarah C. | MS in Sport Administration

“The Online Sports Administration Graduate School program at UC was a convenient way for me to return to school while also working a full-time job. In less than two years, with the help of the amazing faculty and professors, I graduated with a well-rounded perspective of the subject and learned valuable skills that will help me immensely as I move forward in my working roles. The professors truly care about making sure you get the most out of the program while helping you apply classwork to your career – whether it is a job that you are currently working in or a future aspiration.”

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Behavior Analysis

Lily H. | MEd Foundations in Behavior Analysis

“I Passed my BCBA exam on my first attempt thanks to UC’s excellent online program and my top-notch down to earth professors who were so supportive. The well-prepared lesson plans/quizzes/papers were helpful and one more thing, love my cohort peers who I still keep in touch to this day.”

Tova R. | MEd Foundations in Behavior Analysis

“I really enjoyed my time in the MEd in Behavior Analysis online program at UC. The teachers were so patient, classes were engaging, and classmates were awesome! The workload was really manageable. Even with 5 children, and 2 jobs, I was able to keep up with all of my classwork! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.”

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Emily S. | Master of Business Administration

“I’m really happy with my choice to pursue my MBA at UC. I was attracted to the online MBA because of the high regional and national rankings it has received and because of the flexibility that online courses provide. I also wanted to be able to work my full-time job while earning my degree. My main motivation for completing an MBA was to facilitate a career change. The Lindner College of Business is unique in that it is the only UC college with a dedicated Career Services Center of its own, which was an excellent resource for me as a student and continues to be as an alumnus.”

Jessica S. | Master of Business Administration

“Working full-time in healthcare operations, being married with three children, and pursuing my MBA is something that takes effort and sacrifice. Distance learning (taking online classes) presents its own challenges. You must have good time management skills and know when to prioritize school. There’s not always a set time to show up to class, so you have to tap into that discipline a different way. On the other hand, being in an online program is incredibly liberating. You make your own schedule and the technology is always available and easy to use. My professors give adequate time and methods for virtual check-ins, such as WebEx, and regularly make themselves available to meet in person. They genuinely want their students to succeed.”

Jim T. | Master of Business Administration

“As someone currently enrolled in UC’s Lindner College of Business online MBA program, I can attest to the value of the program. The pace can be intense at times, but the structure allows for logical progression. I was, honestly, surprised that I found the online learning experience preferable both for convenience and for comprehension. Being able to replay lectures, have online notes, ability to ask questions of instructors easily, and actually collaborate with classmates in a meaningful way were real plusses. UC knows how to leverage technology. The curriculum is rich and useful; the professors are first-rate.”

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Criminal Justice

Joshua L. | Master of Science in Criminal Justice

I took my undergraduate degree at UC and I knew the faculty were the top in their field, so I wanted to receive advanced training from them in the Online Master’s program. It was impossible for me to attend classes on campus, but I needed to continue my education. The online program was the perfect solution. I could work on my weekly assignments on my own time without worrying about child care or a long commute. It certainly helped me get ready for my job. I ended up coming back to UC in the doctoral program because of the Master’s experience.

Ryan L. | Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Every course was applicable in my current role as a Probation and Parole Officer. I was able to incorporate some of the evidence-based practices in my everyday work and apply my own experience to my coursework.

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Amy B. | MEd Curriculum and Instruction

At the time I was looking for a program, there weren’t many that would focus on and be applicable to my field–I teach science and STEM. I really liked the course descriptions I read online and I knew I didn’t want to spend money and time learning about stuff that was too general or not applicable to my practice. The fact that UC had a track that enabled me to earn graduate certification in STEM along with my MEd was also very important to me. Also, I really liked the “Student Success Coordinator” aspect of the UC online system–a person with whom I could (and did!) build a relationship, who served as my academic enrollment specialist and was available to answer any and all questions I had throughout my time as a student. Finally, I found the UC faculty and staff to be without exception responsive, supportive, forward-thinking, professional experts in their field. The structure, administration, and content of the program combined with the excellent UC faculty and staff made the whole experience worth every penny and moment of time I spent.

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Health Care

Cassandra B. | Health Information Management

“I was struggling to find a degree program that would allow me to attend school and still maintain a full-time job. After researching several programs, I chose UC Online because it’s CAHIIM Accredited and offers degrees in both Health Information Systems (HIS) and Health Information Management (HIM). After successfully completing both of these programs, I can say without a doubt, that UC Online is the real deal! The Professors are amazing, the programs offer real-world experience, and the classes can be scheduled in a way that’s best for you. After graduating with my Associate’s in HIS, I received my RHIT credentials and landed my first medical coding job at a company I had always wanted to work for. I went on to complete my Bachelor’s in HIM, which opened even more doors for me, not only with my current employer, but with companies all over the U.S.! UC Online far exceeded my expectations. Although I live all the way in New Mexico, I’ve built professional relationships that I will maintain for the rest of my life!”

Cece T. | Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences – Pre-Occupational Therapy

“I was motivated to seek a bachelor’s degree in health sciences because I was a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA/L) wanting to continue my education for my master’s degree in occupational therapy. I found out that UC offered a bachelor’s degree in health sciences that was directly related to occupational therapy and was designed as an online program for COTAs transitioning to OTs, so it was a no-brainer that this was the program I wanted to pursue. I am very happy with my choice to attend UC. As a working COTA/L, the online format worked for my schedule without reducing or changing my work schedule. I would describe the experience of taking online classes as individualized and positive. Taking online classes requires a lot of self-control, organization, and motivation. I had never taken exclusively online classes before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was very pleased with the flexibility and pace of the courses. Despite being off campus, I felt very connected and supported by all of my instructors. After graduation from UC, I began the Master of Occupational Therapy weekend program at the University of Findlay where I am currently taking classes. I would highly recommend UC!”

Carelicha D. | Master of Health Informatics

“As a single parent with a full-time job, I definitely needed a flexible program to help me balance all of my responsibilities. I was also really excited that the MHI curriculum aligned so well with my job as a Clinical Analyst. Being able to apply what I learned in class at my job was very rewarding. Anyone interested in understanding the role of IT and how it aligns with healthcare will definitely be satisfied with this program. I was extremely pleased and I continue to look forward to all of the doors this accomplishment will open for me!”

Lydia M. | Master’s in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership

“The benefit of the program being 100% online was a major factor in choosing this program. I was able to complete assignments and lectures at my own pace while working full time… I could not be happier with my decision to pursue this program and feel that I was truly valued as a student during my progression. All the faculty involved are kind, caring, and easy to work with, making the workload very manageable to complete. I was challenged to branch out and explore areas of clinical science, inter-professional collaboration, and leadership”

Nicole| Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy

“It’s been very interesting really learning about how to be a better educator I think we think that the way things are going and the way things are changing education is going to be key to the success of our field I think there’s going to be so many changes after this and even with the leadership class that I took just knowing a little bit more about the right way to look at things and the right way to really instruct people because I do play a huge role in you know being a mentor for some new staff so those two classes definitely so far it helped me kind of refocus but also have been a distraction for me to stay focused on my goals too for what I want for the future.”

Andres | Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences – Pre-Occupational Therapy

“This changed my perspective a lot. I’ve learned a lot from the students and from the staff there. It has taught me two things: one higher level learning – How do I adapt the principles of becoming either director or manager or just understanding what people were more experienced in the field had gained and passed on to me. The other thing is being more of an advocate as a respiratory therapist. I’m only six years into the field so I’m still learning so much from the other staff members in this class and I just keep seeking to improve.”

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Human Services

Nyoka P. | BS Public Health

“As a former UC student, I was compelled to return and complete my degree. I have always been a fierce advocate for the University of Cincinnati, and I will continue to be… I would like to recognize the awesome staff in the department of public health. The advisors, professors, etc., are all extremely valuable to making the online program successful!”

Ana B. | BS Social Work

“I researched long and hard for an accredited online program before finding the University of Cincinnati, a highly regarded school with many years of academic excellence under its belt. As a busy working mom and wife, I appreciate that it offers so many online classes and programs tailored to adult/non-traditional students. The classes are well-structured and relevant to my field of study. I really like that there is constant communication between the school, professors, and students, which makes me feel like I am not missing out. I also think we have great faculty and staff. I am excited and proud to be a part of the University of Cincinnati family!”

Kathleen K. | BS Substance Abuse Counseling

“It was the only bachelors’ program I found that focused strictly on substance abuse counseling. I live in New York and am 60 years old, married, and work full-time. Studying online is the perfect fit for me. I find interacting with everyone to be quite easy. Even though we don’t see each other in person, I developed a camaraderie with some of my UCO peers, especially those in my last three semester classes. Taking a class online has been much easier than I expected. Once you get into the flow of the courses, it is surprisingly easy to stay on track.”

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Information Technology

Andrew H. | MS Information Technology

“I’ve been extremely pleased with my experience so far in the MS IT program here at the University of Cincinnati. The professors have been responsive and available when I’ve needed help, and have designed their courses in ways that encourage online interaction among students. I’m excited to continue my studies and get my degree!”

Trupti R. | MS Information Technology

“The best part of the MSIT online program is even before the program actually starts. The admission coordinators and program advisors are amazing. I had my doubts getting back to being a student after almost a decade but they made the transition super easy with their help and advising.  I enjoyed all my online classes and the professors are extremely knowledgeable, hands-on, and have a lot of pride in their work. I knew I was in the right place at the very beginning in the program when Professor Chengcheng Li took the class on ARP spoofing in Cybersecurity looking like an actual hacker sitting in a dark room. ”

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Joyce Hamba | MSN Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

“I enjoy being a nurse but want to be an independent practitioner. My work in gynecology inspired me to pursue further education with an MSN in Women’s Health. I selected UC because I needed an online program. There was no other way I could have completed my degree. I work, have a family, and am mostly free at night. The online classes are really user-friendly and I receive a lot of support from the University of Cincinnati.”

Amanda G. | MSN Nurse-Midwifery

“I toured the campus of UC while my husband was working in West Chester, OH for a period of time while I was still in my Associate’s degree program. This is when I learned of the Nurse Midwifery program. I hadn’t made up my mind at that point about pursuing my MSN, but I tucked that little piece of knowledge away. Several years later I began to research programs, I had several friends and coworkers that had graduated from other MSN program and were feeling less than prepared to sit for the boards let alone jump into practice. I was also fortunate to work with several Nurse Midwives who had graduated from different programs and was able to see first-hand what their education had formed. One of the Midwives that I work with is a UC grad and I was able to pick her brain a little. The board pass rate was a big factor in my choice as well.
I liked that there were 2 different schemas I could follow to be able to best fit my life and that I could start immediately in the Summer semester without having to wait for a cohort to begin. I have had many of the same students in my classes so have been able to build a rapport with them.
I also liked that I could fit everything into my schedule, I didn’t have to be in front of a computer every Wednesday from 4-6 pm, but rather could work on my classwork when it worked for me. I am very happy with my choice of attending UC. I have had some absolutely wonderful professors and have learned so much in my time here.”


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