Intervention Specialist - Mild/Moderate Licensure

Intervention Specialist - Mild/Moderate Licensure
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UC Online’s K-12 Intervention Specialist – Mild/Moderate Licensure is a non-degree program designed for individuals holding an initial teaching license that would like to obtain a license to teach in the field of special education.

Program Objectives:

The department’s central goal is to prepare you to be a committed, caring, and competent educator who is:

  • Qualified to meet the unique intellectual, social, and emotional needs of children in special education.
  • Reflective and responsible professionals who demonstrate an inquiry orientation toward teaching and professional development.
  • Committed to working with children who are diverse in learning style, ethnicity, language, gender, age, class, physical and intellectual achievement, and family background.
  • Experienced in thinking critically, solving problems, and working collaboratively with children, families, and other professionals.
  • Knowledgeable about disciplinary subject fields, curriculum integration, and technology.