Pre-Business Administration Testimonials: Associate of Arts in Pre-Business Administration

July 01, 2023
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Pre-Business Administration Testimonials

Student Testimonials

UC Online Pre-BA students live across the United States and bring a wide variety of life experiences with them to enrich our coursework. We are proud to share a few of their stories, ambitions, and thoughts about our degree program with you.

Chad M. Pre-Business Administration Graduate

“My learning experience was excellent. Faculty did a great job to make sure all types of learners had a way to effectively learn. All of my professors encouraged questions and never once hesitated to give me the best, most thorough explanation they could offer. The resources at UC, the faculty willingness to help with anything you might need, and the relationships you can develop are really what blew me away. I graduated over a year ago and still keep in touch with a few professors and my career coach. It is hard to say just how valuable and wonderful these relationships have proven to be.”