Alumni Spotlight: Jeff Ehlinger, MS Cosmetic Science

UC MS Cosmetic Science Graduate at a Global Health and Wellness Company

Jeff Ehlinger is an R&D Scientist at The Mentholatum Company, a global health, and wellness company responsible for benchtop formulation, pilot scale-up, process validation, and regulatory support.

UC Online recently talked with Jeff about his career and experience at the University of Cincinnati and the Cosmetic Science Program. He provided his perspective on the Cosmetic Science program and how it helped his career in the Cosmetics and Personal Care industry.

Q: What motivated you to seek your MS?

I had been working in the industry for many years with a B.A. in Biology. I thought I knew all there was to know by taking SCC courses and learning ‘hands-on’ over the years. I was wrong; I lacked the specialized academic learning that my younger peers had.

Q: Why did you select the Cosmetic Science program?

I met Dr. Randall Wickett while at SCC Suppliers Day in NYC. After learning more about the UC online program l found that the online format was conducive to working full-time while learning.

Q: Why did you select UC and are you happy with your choice?

I chose UC due to the specific courses they offered. I began by earning my Cosmetic Science Certificate and only later decided to work toward my Master’s Degree. I was happy with my choice as it fit well with my life at the time.

Q: How did you handle the school, work, life balance while in the program?

It was a challenge for sure! Having an understanding partner, family, and my manager’s support helped immensely. Some semesters were more demanding with regard to balancing school and my existing workload.

Q: What is a favorite memory or a proud moment you had during the CS program?

At the conclusion of my Capstone Presentation, I was relieved that the difficult work was behind me, yet I was very proud of the positive feedback I received from Dr. Ananth and Dr. Kelm.

Q: How has your degree helped you in your career?

The academic knowledge I gained from the program and personal insights gained from individual instructors gave me a broader exposure to the entire industry. I also immediately added my UC degree to my LinkedIn profile.

Q: Who is the Cosmetic Science program a good fit for?

The UC Cosmetic Science program is good for any working professional, chemist, or college grad who can carve out an extra 5 to 10 hours a week to invest in themselves.

Q: Do you have any advice for future students looking into the CS program?

First, ask your HR Department if they have a tuition reimbursement program. Then take a few courses that are of most interest to you and apply directly to projects you’re currently working on; I chose Color Cosmetics.

Q: For someone who may have never taken an online course before, how would you describe the experience?

In the beginning, I found it challenging. However, it didn’t take long to get comfortable and discover an abundance of online resources, research help, and an online community of fellow students.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

If there is one thing I’ve learned over my years, it’s that Cosmetics and Personal Care are constantly evolving. One must pursue learning in earnest and keep networking with colleagues to deliver the best products to the market and consumers.

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