Alumni Spotlight – Kristie Kamphaus, Master’s in Educational Leadership Graduate

UC Ed. Leadership Graduate Improving Teaching at her School

Kristie Kamphaus graduated in December 2019 from UC Online’s Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership program. She works as a math teacher at Grant Career Center and she continues to seek out leadership roles in her school.

UC Online recently talked with Kristie about her motivations to seek a degree at the University of Cincinnati Online, her experience in the program and how earning her degree made a difference in her career.

Q: What motivated you to seek your Master of Education in Educational Leadership?

There is no other job where you can affect 100+ people a year. This is why I became a teacher. As a principal or a school leader, you get thousands of students that you have the opportunity to have an effect on.

Q: Why did you select the MEd in Ed. Leadership program at the University of Cincinnati?

I contacted a lot of schools about this program and ultimately decided on UC because of cost and proximity to where I lived. I also wanted a good school that everyone knows provides a great education.

Q: Were you happy with your choice to attend UC?

Yes! 100% yes.

Q: Why did you choose an online program instead of an on-campus program?

I chose online work because of the flexibility that comes with online classes. I am a mother and a teacher and had to fit in my classes when I had the time without taking time from my family.

Q: What was it like interacting with professors and other students in an online program?

Every single professor communicated well with the students. They all replied in a timely manner and were open to using whatever means necessary. Using the discussion boards was a great way to communicate with other students and get to know them and their ideologies.

Q: Did you have a favorite course? If so, what was it and why did you like it?

I really enjoyed all of my courses. Each one offered so much information and was so insightful. My favorite classes, though, were the ones I took with Dr. Sean McCauley! He was very informative and inviting and really kept an engaging course, even online.

Q: For someone who may have never taken an online course before, how would you describe the experience?

An online curriculum is challenging but rewarding. You aren’t missing out on your education, you are making it more accessible.

Q: How specifically are you able to incorporate what you learned in class into your day job?

Although I am not a principal, I am able to use the things I learned as a teacher. Equity in learning is important and I have been able to use the information learned in class to help better reach all of my students. I am also able to take on leadership roles in my school until I am able to find a job in the school leadership position.

Q: COVID-19 and the pandemic has had a pretty significant impact on education, do you think your MEd in Educational Leadership degree is helping you during this time?

I am better able to understand the decisions that our administration is making because of COVID.

> Learn more about UC Online’s Master of Education in Educational Leadership program.

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