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In today’s expanding world of healthcare, the need for qualified health administrators has never been higher. Working behind the scenes to shape policies and improve patient experiences, these professionals are essential to successful and efficient healthcare facilities. And for those contemplating taking the next step in their careers by becoming one, now is the perfect time to earn your Master of Health Administration (MHA) at the University of Cincinnati Online.

Merging the fields of healthcare and business, this specialized program teaches strategic management within the context of healthcare, giving you the skills you need to not only navigate this complex industry but to stand apart from the competition when applying for lucrative leadership positions. Plus, its fully online format allows you to study while maintaining your current job — meaning you’ll become more effective in the present while preparing for the future.

What is Health Administration?

Healthcare administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of healthcare entities, providing executive leadership and oversight in policies and procedures, strategic vision and direction, finance and costs, and quality of care. A Master of Health Administration degree prepares students — any experienced healthcare professional with a bachelor’s degree — for the provision of effective health care.

What Will I Learn in the MHA Program at UC Online?

In the fully online MHA program offered by UC Online, you’ll learn to create and maintain a successful healthcare environment that promotes interprofessional team development, cultural competency, and the building and sustenance of healthy communities.

All thirteen courses in our program accomplish this by measuring over 20 competencies across all seven domains of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) Competency Model including:

  • Boundary Spanning:
    • Community collaboration
    • Organizational awareness
    • Relationship and network development
  • Execution:
    • Achievement orientation
    • Analytical thinking
    • Communication skills
    • Initiative
    • Performance management
    • Process and QI,
    • Project management
  • Relations:
    • Collaboration
    • Interpersonal
    • Understanding
    • Team leadership
  • Transformation:
    • Information seeking
    • Innovation
    • Strategic orientation
  • Values:
    • Professional and social responsibility
  • Health Systems Awareness & Business Literacy:
    • Financial skills
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Development:
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-confidence

The NCHL Competency Model was developed to provide a standard of leadership excellence and translate it for improving professional development, organizational performance, health management education, and, ultimately, the health of the population.

How Will an MHA Impact My Career?

An MHA opens doors to new opportunities in multiple health-related industries — not just hospitals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for health administrators was $101,340 in May 2021, with employment projected to grow 28 percent by 2031 — much faster than the average for all other occupations. Below is a selection of roles in the field, along with typical responsibilities and salaries.

Chief Executive Officer
  • Provide organizational direction within guidelines set up by a board of directors.
  • Makes a median salary of $189,520.
Director of Finance
  • Provides financial leadership for healthcare facilities.
  • Makes a median salary of $154,624.
Health Services Manager
  • Plans and directs medical and health services in healthcare facilities.
  • Makes a median salary of $104,830.
Hospital Administrator
  • Oversees the management and quality of healthcare facilities.
  • Makes a median salary of $101,340.
Operations Manager
  • Manages costs and improves the quality of service provided to patients.
  • Makes a median salary of $98,100.

Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow.

In the world of healthcare, there are many rewarding career paths — all of which you can directly impact with your master’s in health administration. A career booster for those who want to move into leadership roles within healthcare organizations, the MHA at UC Online will build your confidence and strategic insight to help you lead healthcare organizations into the future.

So, ready to get started? Learn more about the MHA program at UC Online or take the first step in unlocking your professional potential by beginning your application today.

* Salary data sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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