Exploring Real-World Opportunities: Internship Experiences for Public Health Students at UC Online

Embarking on a journey to pursue a degree in Public Health at the University of Cincinnati Online (UC Online) opens doors to many enriching experiences. One of the most valuable components of the program is the opportunity to take part in internships that provide students with practical insights into the field. These internships fulfill graduation requirements and equip students with hands-on skills crucial for their future careers. Let’s examine some remarkable internship experiences that Public Health Students have participated in while studying at UC Online.

The Health Collaborative

The Health Collaborative offers an internship experience that immerses students in the world of healthcare collaboration and innovation. Working closely with industry professionals, students learn to address complex health challenges from various angles, enhancing their problem-solving skills and teamwork capabilities.

Health Gap  

Interning with Health Gap exposes students to health disparities and social determinants of health. Through community outreach and education initiatives, students gain insights into bridging the healthcare gap in underserved populations, cultivating empathy and a sense of social responsibility.


For those interested in the intersection of healthcare and technology, an internship with Matec is an ideal opportunity. This experience offers exposure to the innovative side of healthcare, allowing students to explore how technology can be harnessed to improve public health outcomes.

The Community Builders  

The Community Builders internship provides a unique perspective on public health through community development. By engaging with local neighborhoods and focusing on sustainable initiatives, students gain a deeper understanding of how health is intertwined with the environment in which people live.


TriHealth’s internship program gives students an inside look into healthcare operations and administration. Participants learn about the intricacies of managing healthcare facilities and navigating the challenges of delivering quality care in a dynamic industry. Specifically, Health Promotion/Wellness or On-site Corporate Fitness & Health Promotion are most applicable to a public health career.

Cincinnati Children’s

Interning at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center offers an immersive experience in pediatric public health. Students contribute to impactful projects focused on child health and well-being, gaining valuable insights into specialized public health areas.

Prevention First 

Prevention First’s internship emphasizes proactive measures to enhance community health. Through education and advocacy efforts, students explore the significance of prevention in public health strategies, developing skills in communication and health promotion.

MindPeace’s internship opportunity revolves around mental health advocacy and awareness. Students contribute to initiatives that aim to reduce mental health stigma, equipping them with essential knowledge for addressing a critical aspect of public health.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association’s internship opportunities involve promoting healthier living to prevent serious illness. Students participate in promoting health education, supporting fundraising measures, and advocating for legislative changes aimed at improving people’s lives.

UC EIP (Early Intervention Program) 

The UC Early Intervention Program internship exposes students to the role of emergency medicine in public health. By engaging with urgent care situations and the emergency response systems within the community, students develop skills in crisis management and healthcare coordination.

Cleveland Clinic 

Interning with the renowned Cleveland Clinic offers students exposure to innovative healthcare practices and research. The experience supplies insights into various medical specialties and their contributions to the broader public health landscape.

Fayette County Public Health

Fayette County Public Health is one of many local health departments that can be found throughout every U.S. state. They provide hands-on experience in various aspects of public health and health education by tackling real community initiatives. A UC Online Bachelor’s in Public Health graduate currently works at Fayette County Public Health and says her career lets her pursue her passions like never before.

What’s Next?

The internship opportunities available to Public Health students and UC Online are diverse and enriching. Each organization offers a unique perspective on public health, enabling students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. Whether through community engagement, technology integration, or specialized healthcare settings, these internships prepare students to be effective and compassionate public health professionals armed with the skills and experience to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

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