How a BTAS Bachelor Degree Benefits Your Career

Are you a student or working adult looking to advance your career? Do you wish to build upon your Associate’s degree to finally snag that supervisory or management role? A Bachelor degree in BTAS can change your life both professionally and personal. The University of Cincinnati Online offers a two-year Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies program for those who have an associate degree. Here are some of the benefits of earning a BTAS degree:

Higher compensation

In general, a Bachelor degree in BTAS demands higher skills and offers higher pay. Studies show that college graduates earn significantly more money throughout their lifetime than those with a lower level education.


Earning a Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies degree increases your value in today’s workplace. As a result, employers that offer items such as health care, retirement funds (just to name a few) for you and your family are most likely offered to those with a post-secondary degree.

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Better marketability

The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies trains your brain to think critically and analytically. An Added benefit is that you’ll acquire better organizational skills and self-discipline. These skills open up a number of opportunities that weren’t necessarily attainable before – giving you the freedom to move from role to role – whether it’s at your current company or somewhere new.


Job satisfaction

A BTAS degree usually equates to more responsibility and more pay which can do wonders for your confidence. It also gives you more freedom to pursue a career that interests or inspires you, resulting in increased job satisfaction, confidence and happiness.

Picture yourself… in a management role

The University of Cincinnati made it super simple to achieve your career goals with their Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies. It takes your career to the next level and ensures that you’re better prepared when starting your professional career. This program is designed to be a smooth transition from an associate program to a bachelor program. Plus, it’s 100% online which means you can keep your job (and paycheck) while climbing the ladder.

With the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies program, you will:

  • Earn your bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, a globally recognized leader in higher education.
  • Learn more about communication, collaboration and strategic planning skills that help you advance your career and reach your goals.
  • Enroll as a junior and enjoy our online class model that combines a flexible schedule with personal attention.
  • Take advantage of low tuition rates that help you save while preparing you to earn more in your professional career.
A smooth transition

The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies is a 2+2 program, meaning it’s designed for those with an associate degree.

For current high school students or those who still need to pursue their associate degree, there are multiple associate degree programs that align well for those that would like to complete their Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies. These degrees include (but aren’t limited to):


Learn more about how UC Online provides a smooth transition into a bachelor degree program


Why study online?Bachelor Degree Story

In one word: flexibility! The University of Cincinnati online programs provide you with the flexibility to balance work, family or other personal obligations while completing your degree, and also offer a self-paced learning schedule where you can access the materials when it’s convenient for you.

See it for yourself

Check out this video featuring Chad, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies program. He’s put his degree to work at Kroger as a Multi-Media Manager.

Want to be our next success story? Get started today!

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