From Start to Finish: Accounting Graduation Support

Each student in University of Cincinnati’s online Associate of Applied Business in Accounting Technology program has access to a student success coordinator who offers support from enrollment to graduation. With the guidance of these coordinators and exceptional faculty, graduates of our accounting program have successfully entered the competitive accounting field or advanced in their careers. (Check out this alumna success story!)

Read on to meet Marvin T., your student success coordinator, and learn about the support and the help you will receive while in the Associate of Applied Business in Accounting Technology program.

Step-by-Step with Marvin T.

Program: Associate of Applied Business in Accounting Technology

Marvin T., Student Success Coordinator


My perspective on higher education is framed in realized potential. I believe that education has the power to opens doors to endless opportunities. I have seen firsthand how it enables people to develop their unique gifts and talents. It was during my time as a University of Cincinnati student that I cultivated my love of community building and collaboration. Since then, it has been a personal mantra of mine that we all rise by lifting others. This desire to help has spilled over into many roles I’ve held over the years in education, non-profit, and finance, where I was lucky enough to be responsible for supporting others’ goals and dreams. I am so grateful to be a Student Success Coordinator where I can support students on their educational journeys.

Orientation Support:

When a student enters, Associate of Applied Business in Accounting Technology program, the first step is to have a welcome call with me. During this call, I want to ensure that students have all of the resources and information they need to begin and complete the program successfully. This call is also a perfect time to walk through many of the important systems that students will be using throughout their program, including Catalyst, our system for record keeping, and Canvas, the learning management system through which our students attend class. By the end of our call, I want to make sure students have a clear understanding of what they’ll experience as an online student and that I’ve addressed all of their questions. I make it a point to explain that I will be supporting my Accounting Technology students through the completion of their program.

Something unique to our students is the availability of an additional Canvas Navigator Workshop for those who want to get more time in our online learning management system. This is offered in a virtual format during the first two weeks of each semester and can expound on the basic knowledge that students receive from the New Student Orientation.

Administration Support:

For financial aid questions or concerns, UC Online has a dedicated staff member to assist online students. In addition, the University of Cincinnati Clermont Student Success Office is always readily available to answer questions for students in our Accounting Technology program. As a student success coordinator, I can also connect students to our resources in the Student One Stop along with our Learning Commons, which provide free resources for students who would like to access tools such as our Academic Writing Center or Success Skills Workshops.

Our Accounting Technology online students will have two dedicated points of contact. In addition to me, our students will be assigned an academic advisor who will assist them each semester with registration, course planning, and their graduation plan.

Course Registration:

In the University of Cincinnati system Catalyst, students will handle their own course registrations, but I’m here to help if they need assistance. For their first semester, I’ll provide them with a list of required courses. Once they start the program, they’ll collaborate with an instructor and an advisor to choose their courses based on their interests and past credits. They’ll then create a graduation plan in the My Graduation Plan system. Each semester, they should register only for the classes listed in their plan to ensure they’re on track to graduate. If students have any questions or concerns, they’re encouraged to reach out to me or their academic advisor before enrolling.


Every student’s situation is unique, so although there are some standard check-ins over the course of the program, I like to make myself readily available for students anytime. As a priority, I’ll reach out to all new students for a check-in to ensure they’re satisfied with their courses and the program. Throughout the semester, I’ll send regular reminders about important program details and important dates and deadlines. It is also important to me that you receive any relevant industry information or trends, so I will share that information from time to time. I collaborate closely with the academic advisor for this program and conduct additional check-ins with students as necessary.

Graduation Support:

Having a clear graduation plan is essential for student success. That’s why each student has their own plan uploaded into the My Graduation Plan system. They’ll work directly with their academic advisor to create this plan, which they’ll follow each semester when registering for classes. Since each student’s journey is unique, it’s crucial for them to adhere to their graduation plan to monitor their academic progress. I will also consistently review your plan if changes are made and  communicate any important updates to the curriculum or course structure.

If the Associate of Applied Business in Accounting Technology program is the right fit for you, I’m eager to meet you and support you through to graduation!

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