How to Use an Online Degree to Move Up in Your Career

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If you’re a working adult considering an online degree, you’ve reached a critical step in your career. Advancing your degree will sharpen your current skills and equip you with the new knowledge and skills you need to be competitive in the job market.

According to a recent Think Impact report, 77% of U.S. companies now provide online learning benefits — many of which can be utilized through UC Online’s Business Partnership Program.

But how does online learning actually help? Let’s take a closer look.

Qualify for a Promotion or a Raise

If you lack certain qualifications or experience for a promotion, having an advanced degree can help close the gap. Earning technical or professional industry credentials shows employers that you take your career seriously and adds a valuable bargaining chip if you’re negotiating for a raise or promotion. So, whether you need to advance from a high school diploma to an associate or bachelor’s, or from a bachelor’s to a master’s, UC Online has the perfect program to fits your needs.

“I needed to continue my education, but it was impossible for me to attend an on-campus program. UC Online was the perfect solution. I could work on my weekly assignments on my own time without worrying about childcare or a long commute, and actually ended up coming back in the doctoral program because of the master’s experience.”
— Master of Science in Criminal Justice Graduate, Joshua L.

Switch to a New Career Path

Changing careers is a big step that takes courage and determination. Online courses give you a rare opportunity to “test the waters” and see if that new career path feels right for you. Ultimately, if you do end up making the change, you’ll be better prepared and more confident with that education and experience under your belt UC Online gives you the opportunity to learn from industry-leading faculty, network with professionals across the country, and engage with like-minded peers — all of which equip you with the connections and real-world expertise that make you more marketable to employers.

Re-Enter the Workforce Prepared

Whatever the reason for your time off, returning to work after a career break can be daunting — especially if you’ve been out for a while. But with some preparation, positivity, and one-on-one guidance and support from a dedicated advisor, you’ll have everything you need to be successful in your next venture.

By preparing academically, you can establish realistic goals, focus on your job search, and be ready for an opportunity when it presents itself. What’s more, advancing your education not only refreshes your knowledge and re-establishes your confidence, but it gives you an opportunity to build a strong, skills-based resume to highlight your core competencies, professional training, licensing, credentials, etc.

Keep Your Skills Fresh

Tech developments in recent years have transformed several industries beyond recognition — especially in areas like management and marketing — leading to a Go-Globe report estimating that up to 1.4 million workers will need reskilling by the year 2026.

If you’ve been working in your industry for a while, the skills you entered the workforce with may need an overhaul to ensure you stay competitive. Here at UC Online, we’ll help you obtain your online degree or certificate to ensure you have in-demand skills alongside a sense of commitment, professionalism, and motivation.

“As a busy working mom and wife, I appreciate that UC Online offers so many online classes and programs tailored to adult/non-traditional students. The courses are well-structured and relevant to my field of study, and I enjoy the constant communication between the school, professors, and students. I am excited and proud to be a part of the University of Cincinnati Online family!”
— Bachelor of Social Work Graduate, Ana B.

Ready to Start Studying Online?

At UC Online, we believe the sky’s the limit — and our world-renowned faculty are ready to provide the knowledge and skills you need to reach it. With over 100 online programs to help you pursue your interests and stand out from the competition, we provide the solution for working individuals looking to advance their careers while juggling personal and professional obligations.

So — are you ready to learn more? Explore our online programs to discover how you can achieve your goals with a certificate or degree from the University of Cincinnati Online; or take the first step in advancing your career by beginning your application today.

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