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At the University of Cincinnati, we understand going back to school is a big commitment. Finances are one thing, but often we find the bigger commitment from students is the time away from family, friends, and general life activities. The Master of Education in Foundations in Behavior Analysis program at UC Online was designed with working students in mind. Learning to find a balance between school and life will ensure that you can be the best parent possible and produce higher-quality work in class.

Our faculty understand the commitment you are making when deciding to go back for a master’s degree. From the minute you enroll, we want to help set expectations and work with you on a plan that fits your lifestyle. Our Student Success Coordinators are here to help and will discuss the curriculum, as well as provide tips on how to manage the courses. Our professors are known for being well-organized and giving you the details needed to plan out your schedule. If you have other questions or concerns, virtual office hours are an opportunity, or the professors are only an email away.

Still not sure you can do it. Check out some of the stories of our students and how they made the program work for them.

Meet Indigo, a mother of four, behavior specialist, and owner of IndiGrow LLC. Indigo graduated from the online Master of Education in Foundations in Behavior Analysis program at the University of Cincinnati in December of 2022.

Finding a Program

Indigo - FamilyIndigo came to the University of Cincinnati Online upon completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Studies. The program gave her background in 3 key areas: psychology, organizational leadership, and business administration. For Indigo it wasn’t a question of “if” she would go back to school for a master’s degree but “when”. It was important for Indigo to continue her education so that she could be a better advocate for her special needs daughter. The gap between her undergraduate degree and grad school was only a month. Adapting to online education was not a new experience for Indigo as this would be her third degree obtained online. However, she was concerned about being able to juggle the increased workload of a graduate program with her other responsibilities as a mother and business owner. That is why it was important for the program to not only be online but also flexible so it would work around her schedule.

The Enrollment Service Advisors at UC Online answered all of Indigo’s concerns and ensured her that the program met all the requirements she was looking for. The asynchronous online scheduling allowed Indigo to complete her schoolwork in a space that worked with her life. Sometimes this was after tucking her kids into bed and other times it was during the day while her kids were at school. Indigo was able to do this all while working and owning her own business. The struggles that came with a graduate-level curriculum were manageable by the routine she built out to ensure she remained on schedule. Student Success Coordinators were available to assist with questions and to check in with Indigo on a semester basis.

Finding a Balance

Parenting Special Needs
See Indigo in Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Indigo excelled in the classroom, but it was the support of her family that ensured she pushed through to graduation. Her husband would help with the kids when needed and her mother would fly in to give her time for a break and reset. Knowing all the support her family had provided was the motivation Indigo needed to get to the finish line.

Even still, Indigo faced her share of adversity while in the program. Whether it was overcoming technology, exam preparation, or even just being overwhelmed, Indigo made sure to keep a level head. She utilized the resources made available to all UC students to help them get through these tough moments. Keeping an open line of communication with her professors also helped her when assistance or an extension was needed. She credits professors James Hawkins and Dacia McCoy for being understanding and going above and beyond to build modules to be informational and practical. Their effective teaching styles were a result of their differing experiences in the field and creating environments for students to approach them with concerns.

The support was important for Indigo; seeing others do it gave her confidence in her abilities. Professor McCoy asked her students to set a goal each semester and to spend time throughout the semester reflecting on if they had done enough to reach that goal and the work that was needed to achieve the goal by the end of the semester. This was a helpful exercise that provided motivation and ensured Indigo stayed disciplined in her schoolwork, no matter what was going on around her.

Her advice for students looking at potentially returning to school is to not be afraid and ask questions. There were times when she let her nerves get the best of her and it caused her to almost fall behind. Learning that there was a community of students, behavior analysts, and instructors wanting to help was something valuable that she wished she had learned earlier. Other than that, make sure you have a planner. For Indigo, it saved her many times and helped keep her disciplined.


The University of Cincinnati Online offers both an M.Ed. and a Certificate in Behavior Analysis. Both programs are designed to help you gain cutting-edge marketability, knowledge, and skills to increase your earning potential while improving the quality of life of others. Ready to learn more about the behavior analysis program? Connect with an Enrollment Services Advisor to learn more about the curriculum and how it might fit your lifestyle.


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