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All students in the Master’s in Information Technology program at UC Online are provided access to a Student Success Coordinator to help guide them from enrollment to graduation. Our alumni have continuously moved on to make an impact on the field of information technology. Our program is built to support students of all IT backgrounds. If you want to join their ranks, learn a little more about the graduation support and the help you will receive while in the program with our step-by-step Student Success Coordinator: Rachel J.

Step-by-Step with: Rachel J

Program: Master of Information Technology


After graduating from UC with an undergraduate degree in Communications, I started my career in Human Resources. I spent 6 years in the field before realizing that I craved something more for my career. I was determined to be in a field that I felt passionate about and could make a difference in. I started in higher education because I felt inclined to support students on their educational journey and to see students succeed. It’s rewarding to watch students start in their program and then graduate. I’m grateful to be a Student Success Coordinator and have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful students!

Orientation Support:

My goal as a Student Success Coordinator is to ensure students have everything needed to be successful, starting on day one. To get started, students will first have a Welcome Call with me. The Welcome Call is a great way to get to know each other and provide program details and expectations, as well as an opportunity for the students to ask questions or raise concerns. I will also assist all students with enrolling in their courses.  In addition to the call, students are required to complete the Online MSIT Orientation in Canvas, which will help students get acclimated to UC Online, MSIT, and the learning management system Canvas.

Administration Support:

I help connect students with a variety of UC departments best suited to assist their specific needs. I also assist students with getting acclimated to the wide range of resources that are available to them.  Our online students will have a dedicated Financial Aid contact to assist them with financial questions, but they are also welcome to contact the UC OneStop office. If there are any program-specific questions, I can gladly connect students with the right contact within the School of IT.

Course Registration:

Students will self-register for courses in the UC system Catalyst. I am a great contact to assist students with their registration process. I will provide students with a list of courses needed to register for each semester. If students are unsure of what classes they need to register for, they can always reach out to me for assistance. An additional resource available to our students is the self-help videos posted on the Registrar’s website that guides students through enrolling, dropping, and withdrawing from courses. Students can also pull their Degree Audit to help track their program progress.


First and foremost, all new students will be contacted for a first-term check-in (a few weeks into their first semester) to check in and see how their first term is going. I will also send frequent reminders throughout the semester regarding important program details reminders, and information about dates and deadlines. I am always readily available for students through email, phone, and text. Every student has a different academic journey, so my approach to assisting students can vary based on their specific questions and needs.

Graduation Support:

At the beginning of the program, students are encouraged to create a plan of study and identify their graduation date. Each semester, students should follow their plan of study and enroll in the courses they outlined in their program plan. Each student’s journey is different and I serve as a helping hand to guide students through the enrollment process each semester. Students are welcome to check in each semester to ensure they register for the right courses and to verify that they are on track to graduate.

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