Online Master’s Program: A Great Fit for Today’s IT Professionals

Working in the field of Information Technology has never been more exciting. It’s fast-paced. It’s focused on innovation. And it’s a function that’s in demand at every modern business.

It’s also a leading employer in the U.S. According to CompTIA’s Cyberstates™ report, roughly 12 million people in the country work in IT or other technology company roles. CompTIA’s report states that projected IT employment will increase 15% by 2028, compared to just a 10.5% growth for all other occupations over that same time.

As the demand for qualified IT professionals increases, so does the competition to earn sought-after and high-paying technology roles.

If you work in IT and are looking for a way to advance in your career, stand out in the crowded sea of resumes and LinkedIn profiles by having a master’s degree — or be working toward one.

Benefits of an IT Master’s Degree

Job site Indeed’s Top Master’s Degrees in High Demand article focuses on eight leading degrees, saying an advanced degree in computer and information sciences can help people on the path to becoming a chief technology officer. It cites other benefits, as well, including a better understanding of data and network security, which is vital in protecting companies from cyber threats.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, a master’s degree is particularly beneficial for people who work as network and computer systems administrators, information security analysts, computer systems analysts and web developers.

UC Online’s MSIT Degree

The University of Cincinnati’s online Master of Science in Informational Technology (MSIT) degree is a great choice if you’re a busy IT professional. The program gives you an opportunity to earn your degree after hours, in the evenings and on weekends, while juggling your family or other demands, too.

The MSIT curriculum consists of nine hours of core courses, 15 hours of electives and six hours for the program capstone or thesis. You will explore human-computer interaction, network forensics and mobile application development. The curriculum also includes a focus on cybersecurity, systems administration and social media technologies.

Most students choose to study part-time while they work in an IT-related role and finish the program in about two years.

An added bonus for choosing UC’s MSIT program: It’s ranked #10 in the country by U.S. News & World Report!

Master’s Program Welcomes Diverse Experience, Backgrounds

The university’s MSIT program isn’t only for experienced industry professionals. “Our program is open to people from a variety of backgrounds,” says Chengcheng Li, Associate Professor at our School of Information Technology, “though many already have experience in a computing discipline or hold an IT certificate.”

Li says that if prospective students don’t have a bachelor’s degree or IT experience, they can still seek admittance by taking bridge courses that help them qualify for the program.

Online Programs Require Focus, Discipline

Studying for an online MSIT degree is similar to working toward a traditional master’s degree. You will need to make time for your studies and consider degree completion a high priority.

In 10 Study Tips for Succeeding in Online College Classes, we advise our UC students on how to get the most from their academic studies; here are three of the tips:

  • Make a study plan. Sit down at the beginning of each semester, and make a study calendar for the next few months. Write down your major assignments, deadlines and exams — and then create a realistic plan to help you work steadily toward the important dates.
  • Make studying routine. Dedicate a place for studying at home, at work or your favorite coffee shop. Figure out what time of day and which days of the week are best for you. If you study at the same time and in the same place, week after week, studying will become habitual — and you’ll have a far easier time finding the motivation to do it.
  • Participate in class discussions. Online college classes take place in the University of Cincinnati’s online portal, Canvas. Instead of face-to-face conversations with students and teachers about your studies, you’ll share your thoughts online in posts and comments. Think social media conversations but even more meaningful!

Worldwide Networking Opportunities

IT professionals who study for their MSIT degree gain access to an almost instant, broad and diverse business network. Studying online, they’re connected to fellow students not just in Cincinnati, but across the state, nation and globe.

Building professional relationships with other students is a powerful benefit that can’t be understated. These invaluable connections introduce you to other students’ perspectives and experiences. They also give you an opportunity to learn about other IT roles at a variety of companies — large and small and across countless industries — and positions in nonprofit organizations, too.

Ready to Explore a Leading Online MSIT Program?

If you’re working in the field of IT now or hope to someday, our Master in Information Technology degree could be just right for you.

For more information, view program admission requirements, connect with an advisor, or call us today at 833-556-7600.

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