The Secret Benefit Your Employer Wants You to Discover

The Secret Benefit Your Employer Wants You to Discover

With today’s constant staffing shortages, you likely have a fairly stable job. You might even have great benefits. But if you’re like many American workers in entry-level jobs or in roles where you’ve reached a plateau, you probably feel that there’s more. More to you. More to your career. More ways you could grow and make a difference in your job and how your company operates — if only you were just given a chance.

Your Employer is Opening the Door

The key to advancement is education, and most of us understand clearly that it is one of the most powerful gateways to a rewarding career. But earning a degree often comes with questions like: How do I pay for it? How do I find the time? How do I even get started? And who can help me figure it all out?

You might be surprised to discover an unexpected ally with these challenges: Your employer.

Through a unique partnership with The University of Cincinnati Online, your company can offer educational benefits that help you get a scholarship. This enables you to earn a valuable degree from a nationally ranked school while continuing to work and support yourself and those who depend on you. And while every company is different, and situations vary widely, many companies even offer time at work or paid time off for classes and study.

When You Learn, Your Company Grows

At this point, you might be wondering how earning a degree from UC Online helps in the job you have right now.

Very few things in life change your perspective like holding a college degree. When seen through the lens of higher education, your job makes more sense. Your place in your organization seems clearer, and you understand how you can better contribute to your company’s success.

Naturally, this leads to greater opportunity, more influence, more rewarding roles, and the possibility of advancement and higher pay. In fact, according to The Economic Policy Institute, increased wages have never been more closely associated with the degree you hold.

So, with all these benefits to you, why would your company be so motivated to help you with scholarships?

Education isn’t a one-way street. Companies know that well-educated employees are better able to perform assigned roles, collaborate with peers, take leadership, and creatively solve problems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, quoted in the same article, there is a clear correlation between productivity and higher education. When you learn, everyone benefits — your family, your company, your community, and ultimately even the economy itself.

Your company is also likely facing many of the same staffing issues so many others are suffering through. The talent shortage many like to call The Great Resignation is more than just a passing economic phase. It’s fueled by a number of long-term demographic factors that aren’t going away anytime soon. So, by assisting employees to achieve skills and education, your employer can begin to address their own shortage organically. Bottom line, if you’re ready to grow, your company’s probably ready to help, and UC Online can help get you there!

Becoming Part of a Wider Professional Network

Part of earning almost any degree is becoming connected to the network of professionals working in your chosen field. You meet them through classes, special events, seminars, and through personal introductions from your professors and peers. These life-long connections are invaluable as you navigate your career and advance your professional goals. They open doors to insights, connections, opportunities, purpose, and more. A degree marks you as an active member of your industry community.

Get Started: Ask About Your Educational Benefits

If you are ready to grow in your organization, there is no better time than now to earn your degree. With ongoing labor shortages and an overall shift in the job market, your employer is motivated to invest in you.

Talk with your human resources representative today to learn more about scholarship opportunities through The University of Cincinnati Online. Opportunity is waiting at UC Online!

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