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To support students’ ambitions, the University of Cincinnati offers Four Healthcare Master’s Degrees completely online and part-time. These programs are designed to help students maintain their work/life balance while earning their degrees. This format allows for maximum flexibility without sacrificing a quality education.    

The Programs:

Master of Health Informatics

Master of Health Administration

Master of Respiratory Therapy   

Master of Medical Laboratory Science Leadership


Finding a passionate career can be challenging.  These graduate healthcare programs are designed to provide students with extensive options and concentrations so that each graduate can fulfill their dreams and passions day-in and day-out.

Developing Future Leaders is the primary focus of these programs.  They are designed to provide students with a combination of the technical skills and soft skills that are necessary to lead a team in any number of healthcare settings.

World-Renowned Faculty members have a significant amount of time working within the healthcare space working in hospitals, clinics, labs, or other facilities.  This also opens up an avenue for graduates that want to begin building a network and stay connected with the latest developments in the field.

Increasing potential growth with a master’s degree provides you with greater opportunities to achieve a better title and salary. Healthcare workers with a Masters level degree can increase their earnings by an average of 26%.



Blog: Career Growth Goes Beyond Salary

“With an advanced degree, your opportunities expand in ways you hadn’t thought of before,” Dr. Tille says. “And because the field of health care — and its associated technologies — is always growing and changing, there will be a need for specialists in emerging areas.” – Dr. Pat Tille is the Program Director for the Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership program

Return on Investment

Did you know with two more years of education you can drastically increase their hourly wages? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Master’s holder will earn 26% more than their Bachelor’s holding counterpart over the course of 10 years.



UC Online offers 100% online classes, with multiple graduate tracks to fit your passion. These programs are designed  to help students maintain their work/life balance, while earning their degree. This format allows for maximum flexibility without sacrificing a quality education.

Academic Excellence

The University of Cincinnati is renowned for its academic excellence. We are dedicated to providing each and every student that enters the program with an opportunity to not only achieve a top tier education but also the necessary skills to apply what they learned in the professional setting.



Student Testimonials
Family photo Carelicha D. in graduation gown with her husband and two kids
“As a full- time, working, single parent, the MHI program allowed me to balance all of my responsibilities and provide me with the flexibility I needed to succeed. I was really excited that the curriculum aligned so well with my job role as a Clinical Application Analyst. Coming to work every day and being able to apply what I learned in my classes was very rewarding. If there are students interested in understanding the IT role and how it aligns with Healthcare, I believe this program will satisfy their needs. I was extremely pleased, and I look forward to all of the doors this accomplishment will open for me.”

Carelicha D.
MHI Health Informatics

“As a physician champion without an IT background, I realized that I wasn't prepared for the role. I enrolled in the Master of Health Informatics program. It delivered the skill sets I needed to be a health IT leader and to go on to become board certified in Clinical Informatics. I highly recommend University of Cincinnati's Master of Health Informatics program.”

Micheal A.
MS Health Informatics, Class of 2017

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