Your Employees are an Asset. Offer Them a Benefit that Benefits You.

Why Partner with UC Online?

Better Business Through Better People

In an era where market competition is unrelenting, having a dynamic and resourceful workforce can be the differentiator between sustained growth and profitability or stagnation.  The University of Cincinnati Online has developed a state-of-the-art opportunity to help businesses’ build into their workforce. This pathway to advance multiple business units will create numerous benefits for, not only the individual employee but the entire organization.  These benefits include, but are not limited to:

When a commitment is made to the University of Cincinnati Online, an organization can feel the positive effects at multiple levels.  From a higher quality of current employees to a strong recruiting tool to entice top talent, all the way towards a better long-term return on investment for the organization that can be measured in a quantitative and qualitative manner.  By partnering with the University of Cincinnati Online, an organization is committing to growth and prosperity for the future of the institution.

Corporate Partners

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Full time & Part-Time Students


Million in Healthcare Funding


Full & Part-Time Faculty

Return on Investment

Partnering with the University of Cincinnati Online can help reduce turnover among employees throughout an organization.  This can provide significant cost-savings for the company.  According to Forbes, replacing an employee can cost an organization anywhere in-between 30 – 150% depending on the quality and seniority of the employee.  By investing in employees on the front-end there is an opportunity to have significant savings on the back-end.

Better Quality Employee

Individuals that are traditionally interested in online education have many of the key characteristics that translate to a high performing employee.  They are customarily career-oriented, lifelong learners.  These people want to achieve new heights and that shows through in an academic setting and in a professional setting.  By partnering with the University of Cincinnati Online, organizations are channeling this highly motivated group’s desire to grow.  This can lead to a satisfied employee that is looking at the big picture.

Academic Excellence

The University of Cincinnati is renowned for its academic excellence.  From a top-flight faculty and staff to a wide range of programs that are ranked as a top program in the country. The University of Cincinnati Online is dedicated to providing each and every student that enters the program with an opportunity to not only achieve a top tier education but also the necessary skills to apply what they learned in the professional setting.  By partnering with UCO, students gain access to a premier education that can benefit them for years to come.



Take the First Step in Developing a Stronger Workforce!

When partnering with the University of Cincinnati Online, the entire network is setting itself apart from the competition.  This commitment shows the depth and cares an organization has for its employees, now and in the future.  Take a moment to fill out the form and take your organization to the next level for years to come!