Master's in Respiratory Therapy

Master's in Respiratory Therapy
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University of Cincinnati’s Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy 

Career Outlook

  • $122,900 Median Annual Salary for Respiratory Care Directors

Program Length

  • Complete in less than two years

Program Format

  • Fully Online (No Campus Visits)

Tuition per Credit

  • $769 Total Cost per Credit

*Salary data according to 

Master’s in Respiratory Therapy Tuition Information

Follow this link to explore the costs associated with going back to complete your Master’s degree in respiratory therapy or respiratory care: CLICK HERE!

The online Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy was designed to provide respiratory therapists (who currently hold a bachelor’s degree) with increased knowledge and preparation to facilitate their transition into an educator and/or managerial role.

Our Master’s in Respiratory Therapy is a completely online program designed for working adults who need to maintain employment while furthering their education. The program prepares students for career advancement in one of three concentrations: Health Informatics, Health Care Administration, or Higher Education. This allows you to focus on and excel in the career that is right for you. Our Respiratory Therapy Graduate program consists of six respiratory core classes, one capstone course, and one set of concentration courses.

The online Master Degree in Respiratory Therapy program empowers medical professionals to advance their careers and take on roles as educators and leaders in their workplace. If you’re currently a registered respiratory care worker with a bachelor’s degree, you can earn your online Masters Respiratory Therapy degree with a flexible schedule in under two years at the University of Cincinnati.

Program Overview

  • 100% online
  • No campus visits required
  • Part-time flexibility
  • Nationally renowned faculty
  • Offered in the summer, fall, and spring semesters
  • Option to transfer credits
  • Less than two years to completion
  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

Is this the Degree for Me?

Respiratory Therapy refers to the care of patients who are diagnosed with diseases related to the lungs and respiratory system, most notably with those suffering from COPD. Respiratory therapists can work in clinical settings, hospitals, hospices, or even home-based care situations.

Professionals working in home-based care cover a range of duties, including working with patients to help alleviate pain, as well as teaching them how to use technical equipment and instructing family members or other caregivers on best practices.

Other responsibilities include disease management, documentation, patient education, and caregiver training. In addition, you must have technical knowledge of how to set up, maintain and troubleshoot equipment with limited resources while in a patient’s home.

Who it’s for…

  • A great way to further your skills and career outlook as an experienced Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)
  • RRT’s who are considering a future in an administrative role or third party role
  • RRT’s who are looking to move into leadership positions and take on more responsibility

Career Paths…

  • Pulmonary Department Director
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Respiratory Therapy Educator
  • Respiratory Equipment Educator (Third Party)
  • And many more…

Program Tracks

The Master’s in Respiratory Therapy program is specifically designed to help RTs stay within the pulmonary area of specialization, but transition into a leadership role either in a hospital/clinic or even within other healthcare industries like pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.  There are three tracks within our program that will help you meet your career goals listed below.  Check out this great blog that details some of the careers you can get with a Master’s in respiratory therapy or respiratory care:

Link to Blog:

  • Health Informatics: This track allows RTs to shift their focus into more of data and technology aspects of their field.
  • Health Administration: The focus prepares you for a leadership role such as the head of the pulmonary department within a hospital, or the direct supervisor for a team of respiratory therapists.
  • Education: This core sets RTs on the path to teach at the associate, bachelor, or master level

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of employment for respiratory therapists is expected to grow 19% from 2019 to 2029. According to the Economic Research Institute, the average salary for a respiratory therapy manager is between $75,922 and $134,239 a year. Qualified professionals who hold a master’s degree and/or a leadership or management position may expect to earn a higher annual salary.

Is UC Online right for me?

The program is designed for working professionals who need the flexibility of online classes.
Start-to-Graduation Support
Student Success Coordinators are available to students enrolled in online programs — they are your on-campus partner who can help you manage your time and whatever you need to get you to graduation.

Job Growth

The estimated job growth for Respiratory Therapist is 23.4% over the next 10 years.


Student Testimonials
“What I am learning and what I have learned is WELL worth the hard work and sacrifice of time and money. I am so excited to be part of the promotion of this field as well. I believe in our field, and I am an eager advocate for the requirement that all RTs hold a bachelor's degree.”

Danna W.
BS Respiratory Therapy