Post-Master's Certificate Family Nurse Practitioner

Sample Curriculum

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MSN FNP Schema Duration

Semester 1 Courses

Course Title/Desc Credit
NURS8022 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology 4
NURS8020C Advanced Health Assessment 3 (2+1)
NURS8004 Biostatistics 3

Semester 2 Courses

Course Title/Desc Credit
ANNP8063 **Clinical Management of Well Women First Session only, Term A 2
ANNP8062 **Clinical Management of Children for FNP Second Session only, Term B 2
NURS8026 Differential Diagnosis 3
NURS8002 Theoretical Basis for Clinical Reasoning 3
NURS8024 Pharmacology for the APN 3

Semester 3 Courses

Course Title/Desc Credit
ANNP8086 FNP Internship I (168 clinical hours total, ~approx. 12 hours/week) 1
NURS8006 Research and Best Evidence for Clinical Reasoning 3
NURS8008 Healthcare Policy 3

Semester 4 Courses

Course Title/Desc Credit
ANNP8087 FNP Internship II (168 clinical hours total, ~approx. 12 hours/week) 1
ANNP8030 Clinical Management I 3

Semester 5 Courses

Course Title/Desc Credit
ANNP8088 FNP Internship III (168 clinical hours total, ~approx. 12 hours/week) 1
ANNP8089 FNP Internship IV (168 clinical hours total, ~approx. 12 hours/week) 1
ANNP8032 Clinical Management II 3

Clinical Hours: 200 hours Pediatric Well Child | 150 hours Well Women/OB | 90 hours Specialty | 232 Adult Primary Care
*This is the typical minimum number of credit hours students must complete. The minimum number of credit hours can vary based on previously earned credits, and/or the level of placement into required coursework.
**ANNP 8063 & 8062 are half-session classes. All other classes run throughout the entire semester.


Any deviation from the outlined schema is the responsibility of the student and can impact clinical placement and timeline of completion. Slowing your schema down may be possible, but it has to be approved by your Program Director and Student Success Coordinator.

Each course in this program is sequential. It is absolutely essential to take courses in the order presented on this schema.

ALL Advanced Standing credit must be evaluated prior to your first semester in the program.

If you decide to drop or withdraw from a course, you MUST contact your professor and Student Success Coordinator.

If in doubt about what to register for, please ask! We are here to help you succeed and graduate on time.