Criminal Justice Careers

A Cincinnati public safety cadet signs a document.

A Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice can open the door to many different job opportunities. From serving as a state or local police officer to working with the FBI, this degree marks the beginning of an exciting career.

Criminal justice is an ideal field for anyone with a commitment to community values, a belief in the rule of law, and a dedication to serving others. A degree in criminal justice from UC Online can prepare you to better serve your community and uphold values of justice and peace throughout your career.

What You Can Do with a Criminal Justice Degree

The below list is a sample of the criminal justice careers that are available to graduates of our bachelor’s program. It is a non-exhaustive list and there are many more job opportunities available.

·       Police and patrol officers

·       Corrections officers

·       Parole and probations officers

·       Criminal detectives and inspectors

·       Private detectives and investigators

·       Narcotics officers

·       Security guards

·       Safety and training managers

·       U.S. marshals and air marshals

·       Juvenile probation officer

·       State police officers and state troopers

·       FBI agents

·       Homeland Security agents

·       Public safety instructors

·       Correctional re-entry specialists

·       Behavioral support professionals

·       Victim/witness specialists

·       Victim advocates

·       Loss prevention investigators

·       Asset protection specialists

·       Store detectives

·       Youth support specialists

·       Financial intelligence investigators

Roles and Responsibilities

The above job titles represent a wide variety of career choices open to graduates with a major in criminal justice. From U.S. air marshal to victim advocates, there are many different professions available to those with a bachelor’s degree in the field. These roles all have some common traits and responsibilities. Professionals who work in the field of criminal justice share a commitment to protecting and defending the lives and property of their community.

These jobs can be demanding and stressful with work environments that are sometimes dangerous. They can also involve field work with long hours. Criminal justice officers must be able to gather information, make snap judgements, solve problems, and resolve conflicts under pressure.

Satisfaction and success within these roles comes from standing up well to stress and staying firm in your belief in the importance of justice and the defense of peace. Professionals will need to remain calm under pressure and in the face of public scrutiny.

Salary Expectations With a Criminal Justice Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data on police officers and detective agents, the field of criminal justice is expected to grow 7% from 2016 to 2026.  They anticipate a continued need for police, security officers, and public servants.

Salary expectations for roles related to criminal justice can vary widely. For police officers, the median yearly salary is $62,960, with the top percentile earning more than $105,000.

Training Requirements

Different professions require different levels of training beyond earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution like UC Online. Many state and local police departments require new recruits to undertake specific, often physically demanding training courses. These trainings instruct new recruits on laws, protocols, procedures, citizens’ rights, and ethics. Training may also include a probationary period with supervised on-the-job experiences in patrol, firearms, traffic control, or first aid.

Recruits for the FBI and other national level organizations expect a bachelor’s degree, as well as three years of professional experience in detective or other law enforcement positions.

Candidates for all law enforcement academies must pass background checks, physical fitness exams, and other related exams.

Earn Your Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Degree Online and Start On the Path to a Rewarding Career

Careers in criminal justice can be both demanding and exciting for those with a commitment to protecting their community. The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from UC Online can help prepare you for many roles in the field. Sound interesting? Request more information today.

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