Master’s in Special Education Program Overview

Hear from Program Director Dr. Kate Doyle about the personalization and outcomes of the Master’s in Special Education program.

Master’s in Special Education Strands or Concentrations:

  • General Studies or Licensure with option of Reading Endorsement: Through this path, you’ll gain a mild/moderate intervention specialist license and optional reading endorsement while earning your master’s in special education. It is designed for teachers who hold an existing education license.
  • Supporting Students with Complex Needs: Through this path, you’ll earn your degree in special education while learning to understand the characteristics of significant disability; to locate and link evidence-based instructional practices; and to implement interventions for individuals with significant disability. It is designed for professionals and family members of individuals with disabilities who hold a bachelor’s degree in education-related fields.
  • Transition to Work Endorsement and Special Education Leadership: Through this path, you’ll earn your special education degree while advancing to work endorsement and obtaining your special education leadership graduate certificate. It is designed for professionals looking to support individuals in their transition out of K-12 schooling into the community.

Visit the Master’s in Special Education curriculum page to learn more about the coursework.

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