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Tuition scholarships for business partners.

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We are excited to have you be a student here at the University of Cincinnati Online. To ensure you receive your partner scholarship, we need to verify that you are employed (or your spouse or parent are) with one of our business partners and eligible for the scholarship.

Verify Employment

If you, your spouse, or parent (to which you are a dependent) are an eligible employee, you may qualify for the University to Business scholarship.

To ensure you receive the scholarship towards your instructional fees for the next year, you will need to provide employer verification documents. Please make sure you follow all instructions below when verifying.

Employee of Eligible Company: You MUST attach valid documentation that shows where you are employed. Valid documentation includes:

  • W2 or 1099 tax form OR
  • Letter from your Human Resources department verifying employment

Spouse or Dependent of Employee at Eligible Company: You MUST attach a 1040 or similar tax document showing your relationship with the employee at the eligible company AND one of the above for the employee.

All submitted documents should have the social security number(s) and income amounts blacked out. We need verification of the relationships, but not actual income or SSNs.

Verify Employment