Tuition & Costs for Online Programs

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The cost of tuition is a major concern for every student considering an undergraduate, graduate, or professional certificate program. However, many students don’t realize that a university education can be affordable. Online degrees can often cost much less than a similar program offered on campus. The University of Cincinnati Online’s programs allow you to prepare for the next stage in your career while staying under budget.

Program and Residency Costs

UC Online tuitions varies depending on the academic program you wish to enroll in. There are different rates for undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. You can use our tuition and fee worksheet to outline the costs associated with your program of interest.

Regardless of program, non-residents of the state of Ohio will be charged a non-resident fee. Your residency is determined by the Office of the Registrar. For additional information about the fees associated with each academic program, please view our list of fees by department.

If you require additional assistance or information regarding either tuition or fees, please contact a Cincinnati Online recruiter by calling 888-628-3334 or by visiting the Office of the Bursar.

Financial Aid for Online Students

Financial aid packages can help make your tuition more affordable. Currently, nearly all students at UC Online are eligible for some form of financial aid or assistance.

The first step that all students must take to earn any form of financial aid is to fill out the FAFSA. This must be completed every year that you are enrolled in UC Online in order to maintain your financial aid package.

Financial aid is normally awarded in packages designed for full-time students attending in the fall and spring semesters. Students who attend UC Online part-time may still be eligible for financial aid, but their schedule could impact their overall assistance. Students planning to enroll part-time should view our information about enrollment eligibility.

Students planning to take classes during our summer semester or winter sessions should be aware that this can also impact the delivery of your aid package. Financial aid is still available for summer and winter classes, but can impact your overall financial aid package across the entire school year. If you’re going to take classes in the summer semester or winter session, please view our year-round loan distribution information.

Learn more about how you can earn your degree online and affordably!

At University of Cincinnati Online, you can earn your degree on your own schedule and within your own budget. Though tuition and financial aid may vary by program, earning your degree online will likely be more affordable than pursuing it on campus. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to reach out to our team or request more information today.